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  1. Choosing to play VALORANT being lonely, or play warthunder with my friends

    1. Cyberspirit
    2. Spotty


      I agree with @Cyberspirit Be lonely while playing warthunder.

  2. Hello all, I have an Acer Aspire Z-3 (Or something), and am using its HDMI In mode as a second monitor, I was just wandering is there any way to transmit my touch data via USB or any other methods?
  3. Lenovo IdeaPad CPU: i5-8265U RAM: 8GB iGPU: INtel UHD 620
  4. The attached picture shows what I'm talking about. Basically, Control Panel says I have 4GB of GPU sapce, and yes this is a Laptop. Then Game Bar says I have 0.1GB of GPU memory.
  5. Just a quick question tho, is there a way to make it work?
  6. So I have this old Desktop PC that I've been using with my laptop as it has a HDMI In port (Don't tell me it doesn't because it does). Its a touch screen PC, and I've installed the drivers for it on my laptop but it ain't working any help, or is it not possible.
  7. The title is basically the problem. It works perfectly fine on my phone but on my Ideapad it doesn't. All help appreciated.
  8. Well if I can’t run directly am I able to run an adapter from my pc into to the cord between my monitor and console (Nintendo Switch), generally if there is something under $30AUD
  9. It is an all in one, but even a software to see what’s coming towards that port. Note: It’s an Acer aspire
  10. This says other wise, It says HDMI IN, and for nintendo switch
  11. Hi, I was wandering if I could use my PCs HDMI in port as a capture card, as I want to be able to record my gameplay. I don’t know if this is the right spot to put this tell me if so. All help appreciated.