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  1. I don't think you will ever get it from that queue. If you are talking about North America (EU is much worse), that particular model has zero shipped cards. The first in the queue seems to be a guy named KennyCheats, signed on 17th September 2:23AM. If we only count those that said that they signed on for this model in EVGA forum, you are 843rd in the queue, because that's how many of them have signed before 9th January. If we are very optimistic and say that only half of people actually fill the form in their forum, you are 1700th in the queue, with exactly zero cards having been shipped so f
  2. Excellent post. The arguments related to empathy did sway my opinion slightly towards your view. I can appreciate that Nvidia should have and keep high capacity for empathy towards the reviewers, maybe even more than it would be reasonable, as a mega corporation. There is however a problem with apparent lack of empathy from the other side, the reviewer. I believe that the reviewer should similarly be empathetic towards Nvidia's position and their view of what their product represents. That doesn't mean he should blindly follow it, he could come to a conclusion that their view is fa
  3. Well, it doesn't matter if you put a big no or a small no, it doesn't add anything to strength of your argumentation. I checked through your arguments again and it looks to me like you are just saying no all the time. There's nothing for me to argue about, we could just go yes no yes no yes no like two kids for 3 weeks. Not my style. So I will thank you for presenting your opinion and leave it at that. If anyone else wants to tackle my points, please do. Still looking for some good arguments and I'm sure some of you do have good arguments. So far I got one and a half good point fro
  4. We will just have to agree to disagree on this. I don't think you are being reasonable here. I think that is wrong again. Surely there has to be a time frame obligation? If a 3080 is provided and the review comes in July 2021, that can't be right? As for your second point, I think that the review was not fair and I have stated my arguments why I think so. Will have to disagree again, although I do leave a possibility of either misunderstanding from your side or a word being misused from my side. Manufacturer does decide what the desired selling points
  5. And just for the record, I thought that was terrible. HU reacted well. ASUS has a recent bad behaviour track record and I am actually less likely to buy their products now. I don't trust them as a company any more. Back in the days I remember ASUS and ABIT being two brands that had best motherboards and from those days onwards I always thought highly of ASUS. My current MB is also ASUS. But things change...
  6. My reasons for going with Nvidia last 3 times (590, 680 and 980) are better performance and to some extent more stable drivers. It's been a long time since I bought a GPU so whatever I get it's going to be a huge upgrade over 980. How will I pick? I don't know. I have to admit I'm a sucker for ray tracing, though. I want to see what AMD can do. I am completely open minded and I just love that we finally have competition.
  7. You even admitted you haven't refuted "every single point". But I get what you mean. Let's see. That is not true. Are you claiming this as fact or is it just your understanding? It might not be the reason why buying Nvidia card, but it might be the main reason to pick Nvidia card over AMD card if their rasterization and value performance are similar. Again, that is your claim and in my opinion it's not based on facts. I get your point, but it also doesn't mean that once you are approved, you must be getting one for life. I do accept that reason for
  8. I am surprised that you don't think that such behaviour leads to instant death of the channel, at least as a reviewer that anyone would consider to be a serious hardware review channel. This is hilarious. That email went straight to spam. In fact if I were reading this at Nvidia, I would probably be sending it around just for laughs. Permanent damage... I still think Nvidia did right by cutting HU from their free cards and they did a mistake by reversing the decision. Those that have been most critical of their move I think have missed the point completely.
  9. Now that IS a mistake. They should have stuck with their decision and at least keep shred of credibility. Now the big reviewers think they run the show. That's why I would never be able to run a big corporation. I wouldn't change my decision as a matter of principle. And those who run corporations have no principles.
  10. I find your post to be well balanced and I think we don't disagree as much as you might think we do. Here are few points where I have different view: - I think it's quite interesting that they told JayZ he wouldn't be getting 3090. So they do think the way you said they should be thinking instead. - They did tell HU they would still be having their support. If I understand it correctly, they only cut them from the cards, but they are still giving them access to stuff that other reviewers have, direct communication line, drivers. If it was really just about punishing the
  11. It might be for the best, though. There was a similar controversy regarding PC games copies not being handed to certain reviewers by some publishers, opting instead only for the known shills like PC Gamer etc., inviting them to live events... It can be even more critical there, because you can actually receive the game on day 1 and you can even pre-order it. On the other hand reviewer will sometimes need many days or a week to review a game properly. And how should we respond to that? Simple. You don't buy the game until you get good reviews. You most DEFINITELY don't pre-order the
  12. First, your use of "so-called reviewers" sounds quite elitist. Surely you don't think that only the 5 channels you follow for reviews are capable of producing a good reviews? I am sure we both realize that there are countless people out there that would be making excellent reviews if only they were ever given a chance. Now to your point. What makes them more eligible is that they don't have history of posting unfair reviews. It's that simple. Do they KNOW that the next in line waiting in line will not be posting unfair reviews? No. But then again most reviewers are fair so the chan
  13. I disagree. HU will not change their stance, they will not be "selling out" so you and I lose nothing. There will be another reviewer out there with a card and we will be able to watch two reviews instead of one - the new reviewer and the HU review, when they buy their own card. Because they will buy their own card, there is no doubt about it. It's all good. In my opinion Nvidia NEVER expected to silence them. HU has long history of confrontation with different companies and Nvidia knew very well that they would share the email with everyone. That's why they wrote all the marketin
  14. His monitor reviews might be the best out there. At least for me. The stache is legendary. JayZ did screw the things up, but I did feel that it was a bit more than just a normal criticism. It was more of a "I am so much better" or at least it did feel that way to me. And yes, there was a comment under one of the videos (I can't remember which one, it would have been one hell of a seek&destroy mission to find it), where Steve said exactly what I wrote, when somebody said that Linus got different results. It struck me as a bad thing to say. LTT always gets results that no