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  1. Unfortunately not... I am going on vacation for a week starting tomorrow so I can't do it soon... It currently works (sometimes) without me having to wiggle it but it definetely is still happening...
  2. Okay, so I've fired up my computer and the problem still exists... Did not fix it sadly... I will try to check if the card works in another system over the weekend if possible
  3. Thanks, I already did that but forgot to include it in the list, I will add it! Had the issue in safe mode too... ------------------------------------------------------- Thanks! CHKDSK found nothing sfc /scannow took a bit longer and found things and fixed them, I am going to see if the things it fixed were related to my issue and if it helped, I'll edit this. Edit 1: After an hour nothing has happened so far, maybe that did it... But I will update again tomorrow because when I temporarily fix it by wiggling it takes some time until it happens again. It'
  4. 1. Drivers are not shit, there have been stress tests with the all of the newest graphic cards from nvidia and amd (only gaming graphics cards) and AMD drivers failed 20 times less than NVidia (4h stress test, 6 times a day, 7 days long - multiple gpus for a total of about 500 tests) 2. Performance is meh? My Vega 64 is better than a 1080 (head to head with 1080 Ti) and a bit better than the 2070 my friend has 3. Bad encoder? Didn't test that but recording works better for me than with nVidia (i dont record much though) 4. No RTX? Tell me which games you play that actually ha
  5. Hello everyone, I have had a little, well actually big, issue for a while now which I could only temporarily fix... A while ago I replaced my 1050 Ti with a RX Vega 64 Nitro+ by Sapphire to get better framerates in gaming. Everything worked fine about 4 months ago where I got a blackscreen every few seconds and then an image again. After reinstalling Windows 10 it worked again and I thought it was just some driver corruption I could've fixed by a driver reinstall too. But then, a month later, it started to happen again... Issue: The blackscreen starts by eve