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Jam Joy ??

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    Intel i5
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    8gb (Idk what speed)
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    apple keyboard from 2007
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    Logitech PRO Gaming mouse
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    windows 10

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  1. I'm thinking if giving it to a friend so he can play minecraft ? You think it'll probably run that?
  2. So .. today a friend and icwent to our local ewaste to find another friend a minecraft gaming rig. We pulled out this beast with an i7 4th gen and a 700 watt psu the only problem being the state it was in ( rat piss, rust, disgusting! etc ) .... So we spent the rest of the day cleaning it and it somehow booted?? Yeh idk how it survived myself, but anyways what im wwondering is what the the risks of useing something like this desktop for light minecraft gaming is ??
  3. this account is only 6 hours old ?

    1. Den-Fi


      It's about a week shy of 1 month old...

  4. ok thanks ! i decided not to get them and i am probably going to put the money towards a pc or something instead
  5. i have never seen one of these before but i also have this weird McDonalds collectible to branded with SEGA do you think it could be this old ?... maybe worth something... idk
  6. as thinking of buying the Corsair Essential Gaming Bundle for $150 AUD im wondering if people think it's worth it at all since i already have a mouse and pad ?? here is the page https://www.centrecom.com.au/corsair-essential-gaming-bundle and thanks for your opinion!! I will try to reply to people.
  7. window 7 may work that's great news !! also i was going to fully take it apart and put it back together to get some experience at building computers do you think that is wise ? also thanks for the comment !!
  8. i fixed a old windows XP PC about a week ago (GPU was bent and not displaying and some ram was dead) . was surprised that it was using just a normal Intel stock cooler... weird right ? Edit: its from 2005 or something.