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  1. Haha I tried unplugging my audio cable too, and the sound was still there! I straightened out one of my cables and the sound is still there as well
  2. Hello, I am have been using the Logitech Z506 speakers for a couple years now and last night I suddenly started hearing an annoying whining sound. The sound plays on the 4 speakers without the volume controller (the 4 unplugged ones at the bottom). I have attached a recording of the center speaker when it is plugged in and would appreciate any input on fixing or replacing the speakers. The sound continues even when the speakers are not plugged into any devices and I have tried using a different power socket too but the results have been the same. Noise.mp3
  3. Yeah I've rebooted router a lot throughout the pass few months, it makes no difference to the load times
  4. Thanks for your answers! I just disabled the guest network for the past 20 minutes and so far my wifi has improved noticeably. However, accessing my routers settings page is still really slow and we actually have a few uses for the light-bulbs and power switches. If it is a botnet is there anyway I could detect or get rid of it? Not sure if factory resetting every IOT device would help.
  5. Hello, my internet (I'm Australian) has been really laggy for the past few months since switching to NBN FFTC. I am using the TP-Link Archer VR1600v and even entering is REALLY slow. Navigation on the settings page takes minutes to load even on a wired connection. However I have been able to find what may be causing my wifi to lag and that is the large amount of wireless light-bulbs and power switches we have connected to our guest network. I notice they are receiving quite a few packets and sending a lot of packets. The image I have attached shows a few of these devices compared t