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  1. Hello Jaslion Thank you for your reply. I will wait and see few the next few weeks. Thanks again.
  2. Hello All. Hope you are well. I rely on your joint expertise. I am looking to upgrade my GPU, CPU, motherboard and RAM (maybe PSU but I have Corsair CP-9020091-UK 650W 80) A computer to last for a while. My current computer is Intel Core i5 4670K with Noctua NH-D14 Corsair CP-9020091-UK RM650x 650 W G-Skill (4GBx4) Ripjaws X DDR3 2133 EVGA Nvidia GTX 780Ti SC 3GB 384-bit Graphics Card Asus Maximus VI Hero C2 Motherboard Corsair Obsidian Series 750D ATX Full Tower 4 SSD 1 HDD 1 M.2 (So dont need storage)
  3. Thanks GoldenLag. Parts are on order. Always helpful forum.
  4. Dont need WiFi. I think Mini-tower might do the job but a Mid-tower will work too.
  5. Hello all Hope you are well. I need to build a PC for someone who will be using it for basic office use invoices, updating website. Dont need monitor or OS Live in the UK have Amazon prime. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello again guys thanks for your last help. Need a new build. This PC will be used to play old runescape, and basic games like that. Whole PC needed. Live in UK £GBP. £200-£400. Don't have any existing PC parts. Only need one monitor. Thanks again.
  7. Hello People. YABR (Yet Another Build Request) Location: United Kingdom Price: £450-£500 Used for: Gaming gaming and more gaming Already have a copy of Windows 7, mouse, keyboard and headphones This is going to be a 10 boy first personal computer for his birthday/christmas. Thank you in advance
  8. I am in UK mainland. Thank you for the replys. If I add £100 to budget what changes could I get? Don't need a fancy case by the way.
  9. As title says I'm looking to build a computer for £600 this is just for the tower. Will be playing games on medium to high quality. List parts on PC part picker. Thank you for your time and help.
  10. I am trying to setup Squid3 on a Pfsense router and I'm having trouble caching downloads and windows updates.
  11. I'm looking for an Expert in Pfsense and Squid3 to help me set them up. Will use Skype and sharescreen to get the job done. Thank you
  12. Humans what do you think of this Phone? http://is.gd/aZqImQ I want it so bad. The price to the spec is unbelievable.