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  1. Awesome. I figured I could disable the screen, but it seems like a bonafide system is the way. Thanks! 500 tabs is very like me. I just built my first gaming rig, and it feels great. But I don't have any windows laptop experience to compare it to. Was mac for quite a while. Mobility will never be an issue aside from moving it to replace the TV or moving it to another TV, but I don't see either of those happening often. I asked a few other places and got recommended the NUCs. Didn't realize it was a laptop CPU, kinda defeats the purpose. I appreciate the heads up! Now this is
  2. Hey guys, Was in the process of brainstorming my next build. I had assumed I would be best off by building another PC to cater to my needs, but now I'm not so sure that that's the best call if a decent, pre-built laptop could cover all the bases. Here the deets from the sticky post. Approximate Purchase Date: no rush. Don't mind waiting for parts to come in, or for something to come back in stock. Budget Range: For a prebuilt, I'd like to stay under $1000. I have a bit more wiggle room if I'm assembling. System Usage from Most
  3. Hey there, Bit of a noob question, but hoping you guys can help me out. Looking at my MoBos Fan and ARGB headers and learning about amp limits. I'll be well within the limits using simple splitters on my CPU/CHA fan headers. But I was curious about using a SATA powered hub. Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RPFJH5B/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_1?smid=A1XAGID4Z8INGK&psc=1 If you use something SATA powered for fans or an ARGB hub, should you be concerned with any kind of amp limit? Thanks!
  4. Throwing together parts for my first build, and I'm looking to upgrade the fans that come with my AIO cooler. Would prefer something RGB, but they don't have to be. So far, I've been looking at: Corsair LL120s 3mmAq of static pressure 63 cfm Noctua NF-F12 2.61 mmAq 54.9 cfm Be quiet! Silent Wings 3 High Speed 3.37 mmAq 73.3 cfm EK Furious Vardar EVO 5.81 mmAq 107 cfm EK Vardar EVO 3.16 mmAq 77 cfm Anyone had experience with one of multiple of these that can s
  5. That's all I keep hearing. They're so close with the Ryzen 9 line. Makes me wanna wait for 10.... especially if I'm not in a hurry. AMD seems to be the way of the future. I can't help but imagine if they set their minds on a strictly gaming CPU. Intel would be extinct. I appreciate the help. Glad to hear a 240 AIO should be able to handle it. I intend to add as many case fans as possible, just to help out. The case I'm looking at in place of the NZXT has much more fan support. I should probably update my parts list, as the PSU has been replaced after everyone told
  6. I'm new to the AMD/Intel debate, so forgive me for not being 100% up to speed on things. Are the up and coming AMD CPUs basically guaranteed to utilize the same chipset? I know that's a big selling point for them, but I dunno if they've come out and said as much. Also, any truth to them running cooler?
  7. I actually have a list like that saved on pcpartpicker, oddly enough. Any reason to go AMD for a strictly gaming rig that you plan to OC?
  8. I was worried about that. Seems like the cooler might not be able to keep up with the wattage, as well. Might have to look at different options to keep things cool. Knew I forgot something. I haven't shopped for a monitor for the home set up yet, but it seems like anything less than 4k/144hz might be a waste on this setup. Still reading into 144 vs 240 hz and OLED technology. Happy to take recommendations on what to get to get the most out of this build, as listed! Thanks for such an informative reply. Not sure how I missed either of those cases in my initial search. Lian
  9. Hey, all. Looking for some advice on building my very first PC. Finally looking to get into gaming after feeling a little stale towards console games. I’m coming from using Macs at home and at school, so I know there will be a bit of a learning curve, but I’m up for the challenge. Going into this totally blind to PCs and their components, but I’m the type who will spend months researching before making a big decision. And I've been researching enough that I feel confident in asking for help. Any and all input/criticism is more than welcomed. Approximate Purc