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  1. Heh, Well guess ill order the stuff later today and hope I dont fuck something up(stripped my screws last time I changed out my fans >_<). Thanks for the help!
  2. Guess ill place them side by side before I put the new screw in(since I still have the stripped screw). Dont actually own a ruler somehow but the screw is small(smaller than my pinky nail)
  3. Searching through the comments on Amazon a few people said the screws in question were oxidized not painted. No clue if they were anodized though. Is this is fine? Any way I can tell if its anodized? And the main screw I need to replace secures the wireless card to the mobo but also secures the mobo to the section where I can access the keyboard.
  4. So I have a Inspiron 15 Gaming 7577 and my keyboard is all wonky. The W, S, 4 keys will not work sometimes and I have to spam it to get it to start registering again(will crap out again which results in more spamming). Im assuming I need a new keyboard and was wondering if the part im going to buy on Amazon is the correct part. I also have some stripped screws I had removed that need to be replaced replaced and just wanted to make Dell doesnt use some wonky screw types that have the same name as the ones im looking at. The screws in question are the m2.5x6 screw for the
  5. I guess ill just take it to the repair shop and have the guy take a closer look to give me a better assessment. The stress and potential waste of money trying to do it myself when I have the buy the tools I need to do it isnt worth it. Really just wish I had the cash to say fuck it and buy myself a shiny new laptop lol..........but I dont so here I am T_T. I just wanna say thanks again for all the help!
  6. I had hoped it wouldnt have to cut to deeply into the plastic chassis to get the flathead to work but iunno now. Local repair shop said they could remove it for around $40. Think I should just do that instead of trying to do the diy route or go for the power drill/screw out? How strong of a drill do I even need for it to work? Unfortunately my cpu fan has a bad bearing so I do need to spend the money to get the screw out to replace the fan.
  7. So turns out my power drill is broken and I need to buy a new one. So since I need to buy a new power tool my question is should I buy a $30 drill and ($15)extraction set or $20 rotary tool to cut the screw for a flathead to work? Leaning towards the rotary tool since its cheaper and part of me fears the extraction set may not even work due to how thin and small the screw is. Downside is the rotary tool has almost no use for me outside of this one instance were as the drill at least may come in handy in the future(this is the first time ive needed a drill in a decade so its honestly not that b
  8. Yeah im looking for replacement screws to go with the extractor. Thanks for the help!
  9. Due to its thin size do you have any other suggestions to get the screw out? So far ive tried the rubber band and super glue thing with no luck.
  10. Heres a few screenshots of my stripped screw compared to my non-stripped screws. I had a 1/16 drill bit I took and measured it against the stem of the screw and it was almost the same size. Googling this showed that 1/16 drill bit was like 1.5mm. So I think I would need the 1.3mm one? Based on the images do you think the extractor will work? The kit with the smallest drills has a 1.5mm drill bit and a 1.3mm extractor. If it wont do you think if i use a drill and shaving off the sides of the cap to make it squarish and then use some needle nose pliers to manual turn it will work? If
  11. I have a stripped m2x3 screw on my dell 7577 I need removed but I am unsure which screw extractor size I should buy. I am looking at set that has a 1.5mm/1.3mm and one that has a 2mm. These are the 2 smallest sizes I could find on amazon. Heres a pic of the screws in question(not the pic of my laptop just one of a similar model I found online). Its the 2 screws on the right labeled m2x3. https://newscrewdriver.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/dell-7577-2-5-inch-drive-screws.jpg