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  1. OK so this is what i did afterwards and where i am now, I tried to see if the problem was with the pictures so i tried using another software, Picasa 3 and it doesn't automatically creates the file so it seems that the problem is with Windows Photos. so i tried uninstalling it and removing its files from registry and from within C:/Windowsapps and start from scratch, thought it would somehow fix the problem but no after i reinstalled it, Photos created the file again. So i thought would this happen on a another user account so i created another account on my windows, and the problem doesn
  2. I need help with this, I have solved many windows problems by digging the internet but this is something new for me and i haven't found much people on the internet with this. What happened = i was using a public computer where i took some important pictures that i needed, i wasn't fully sure if there was going to be any virus on the computer and after i came home plugged my pen drive in and found additional files on it with the pictures, i tried to open a unknown file and it spit up a .txt file so seeing this i grabbed one picture i needed and formatted my pen drive. I opened t