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  1. I have tried it before and it works as if I didn't even change anything
  2. I have a good GPU that I had been using for a long while. Also thats how I figured out that the second slot worked I put my old GPU in the first slot and in the second one the new one and in device manager the new GPU appeared
  3. Ok so I am just gonna leave it over night and maybe it will fix itself maybe bc I did literally nothing to break it just launched a game I had been playing earlier on this card I thought it was clear to assume that I fixed it
  4. It's always in the same places near the text of the bios and depending on the color of the background/text it adapts to the color ex. Red pixels on black and white text, yellow pixels on yellow Tex and blue background
  5. Ok something is happening it's not all clear the same thing started happening with the second slot like at the bios it was showing the pixels and all maybe I will try cleaning the pcie slots
  6. its wierd because my old gpu ran fine and idk why its with this gpu but stress testing it worked so no problems with it gaming also worked
  8. THE DIFFRENT SLOT WORKED IT F***ING WORKED THANK YOU GUYS I AM SO HAPPY btw i bought this card damaged like it doesnt install drivers and all and i though i could fix it and i did it was like 1/3 the price of a normal working one almost 2 days WORTH of doing and researching ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU @TofuHaroto @Windows7ge FOR ALL YOUR HELP I WORKED THAT DIFFREWNT SLOT WORKJSAEEDCSD d
  9. I just cleaned it and disassembled it and took a picture maybe something has some signs of being broken
  10. is this a good or bad idea? and apart of changing the pcie slot what should i do?