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  1. This cable comes from the front panel Front Panel SATA Connector It goes into one of these SATA Power Cable from PSU
  2. Ok I must be some sort of idiot. The Sata Power Connector just has to be plugged in the way you would plug in an HDD or SSD. Now the Front Panel is also functional.
  3. Ok so swapping the FP_PWR/SLP ones did turn on the Power LED. Front Strip still not working though.
  4. So I took out the power block and plugged them in individually. Still no Power Button LED nor Front Strip RGB. The Power LED is called FP_PWR/SLP. I'l try swapping their poles but I don't think it's going to do anything.
  5. I guess I can try plugging in the little connectors without the power block. I'll keep you updated. Edit: Probably don't feel like doing it anytime soon though. It's hard to reach in there cause of how small the case is.
  6. Hello, I recently purchased a Thermaltake H200 TG RGB case. The case itself is great and I really enjoy how silent it is. It's a fair bit smaller than my previous case which was massive. But I've got a bit of a problem. The case is supposed to have the RGB Strip in the front light up in rainbow colours. The Power Button is supposed to glow with a white LED circle. Neither of these are currently working. The case is fresh out of the box and everything else works fine. Is there something I'm missing or are both the Power LED and t