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  1. The cable I have in place is Cat5e, so I will go with that. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Yep, not enterprise-level expensive but still quite a bit more than regular ones
  3. Oh nice, I think I will have to use a power injector but I was starting to think it couldn't be done (I have seen lots of PoE switches for powering other devices but none that were powered by it). Just in case, this works over a regular ethernet cable, right?
  4. Hi, I want to take ethernet cables to three different rooms, so I need to place a switch somewhere. The best place to put it doesn't have an outlet nearby, so I was wondering whether there are switches that get their power over the Ethernet cables, even if they cost more than regular ones. Is this possible? I know next to nothing about networking hardware.
  5. Hi, After a long time putting off buying a new pc it seems my old one finally gave up. For like a year, I have been doing this thing where I had to unplug a stick of ram, start the computer, turn it off, then reseat the ram else it would get stuck powercycling. That worked most of the time, but today it started turning on and off in a split second, then immediately on for a bit longer, then finally on, but I never manage to get to the bootloader. It shows the motherboard logo (can't interact in any way) then the screen goes black with a mouse pointer, then off. (It has this sam
  6. Yep, I guess that would be the best way to go on about this. I don't think I'll be able to do it though. Something weird just happened. I turned it on and it started randomly restarting. It gave me a prompt in some of those restarts. It hasn't happened since though. Thank you so much for the help anyway
  7. Motherboard - gigabyte ga-z97p-d3 CPU - i5 4690 RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1600 PC3-12800 8GB 2x4GB CL7 PSU - Corsair RM750 GPU - GTX 960 That's all the relevant stuff, I think. Quite old as you see so I don't think it's worth spending 100€+ on second hand replacements. I wanted to wait a bit longer before upgrading though, so it would be great if I could get it fixed.
  8. No error codes, the fans and disks start up, and I am getting power from the usb connectors, but that's all. No output to the screen or those BIOS beeps. I just tested my GPU on another computer as well, and it seems to be working fine. I guess it is the motherboard, but it was fine yesterday, and I didn't change anything, so it's weird that it would just stop working.
  9. I just did, it didn't change anything though
  10. Hi! This morning I tried to boot my pc and was surprised to be greeted by a black screen. Just to be sure it was not OS related I unplugged both of my SATA disks, but there is still no prompt from the motherboard. I have a backlit keyboard, and the lights were blinking and then turning off. Since I have recently upgraded my PSU I thought this may be a signal that it was malfunctioning. However, I have just tried with my old PSU and I get the same result. I would like some ideas of what to do next, and more importantly how to find out which part is not working. Having abso
  11. Hi all! I'm planning to get an SSD for installing the OS, commonly used programs, some games, etc. I basically just want faster load times than what I currently get with my HDD. I was looking at a 500GB m.2, however I don't have a port on my motherboard so I would have to buy an adaptor. I'm wondering whether a SATA3 SSD would be noticeably slower, as it would be quite cheaper and doesn't need an adaptor. On paper, the speed difference is huge, so that's what's holding me back from just getting the cheaper one. What do you guys think? Also, any SSD recommendations?