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  1. I think it a bug because the "460.79 nvidia control panel quick start guide" still have show "adaptive" and "optimal power"
  2. no what i mean is whether or not "adaptive" and "optimal" options been replaced with "custom" or the new diver verion have bug or simply my pc have problem
  3. I'm just update my driver from version 457.51 to 460.79, when i'm going to control panel to setup some settings i see that "adaptive" and "optimal power" been replaced with "custom" the option "prefer maximum performence" still there, is this a bug of new version or new feature or my system have problems ? My system: 6600 non-K 16Gb ram Gigabyte 3070 gaming oc Aorus AP850GM psu
  4. D-tier ? isn't AP-GM is an B-tier, i just check the bill and it said the model is GP-AP850GM
  5. I just bought an Aorus P850 around 20days (1/11), last night when i shut down the PC some loud buzzing noise came out of the psu, turn off psu switch and it still there only disappear when i pull the plug on the wall (i plug pc and monitor into an outlet and from that outlet go to the wall), at first i change the oulet but still on the same wall the noise still there, when i change to difference wall the noice stop (my room have 2 wall outlet on 2 walls), but when i go back to the old wall around 20-30 minutes later the noise came back (PC still off only psu switch turn on), so is it because t
  6. i think i'll go for 850W version of one of those since i plan to upgrade the whole rig by the end of 2021 too
  7. So a new psu is a MUST, after a few search i found that my local stores sell these brands: asus rof trig, corsair RMi/RMx/RM/HXi, FSP Aurum PT/Hydro G/G Pro, Aorus P, those are good brands because i found a lot of them in the top tier list in this forum too ?
  8. I plan to go for RTX 3070 and 1440p monitor an keep the rest of my PC (bought it around April 2016), base on review on the 3070 i feel like a good 600W psu should handle the card without problem, and Aurum S is not so bad psu, but i don't know is it good to trust a nearly 5 years old psu or i should buy a new psu for this ? ASUS H170 gaming I5-6600 GTX970 16Gb ram FSP Aurum S 600W
  9. So spend 6-700 for 3070 (i don't think third parties like Giga, Asus,... will sell 3070 the same price as FE version) now and upgrade the rest along the way, sound like a good idea since 500$ is what i want to spend right now not all i have right now
  10. If i don't need ray tracing then between 1660S or 1660ti, what should i get ?
  11. The rest is H170 mobo, i5-6600, 16Gb ram, fsp aurum s 600W psu
  12. I have 500$ budget and need a new GPU to replace my GTX970 but i don't have enough money to go for a new pc included new monitor or just GPU+monitor, so need something to keep my rig going at least a year, is there any good GPU with that price ?
  13. it hard to find seller for Red Pro here where i live, and it price the same as the Black
  14. I want a new HDD to store my data (about 4-6TB), which HDD should i get, 4TB: WD Blue-Red-Black or Seagate Barracuda; for the same price as WB Black 4TB i can get a 6TB version of either Blue or Barracuda just need it to last as long as possible don't really need high rpm ?
  15. thanks for all the advises, install windows 10 yesterday with ssd converted to GPT, then install normally no problem, no problem when using the windows too
  16. Do i need to convert my drive to GPT when install windows 10 because when i watch some videos about install windows 10, some of it said i need to and some just install without convert anything ?
  17. My current system has: I5-6600 non-K, 16Gb RAM 2400Mhz, GTX 970, 1080p 60Hz monitor I want to play 1440p with 60 fps or higher and aim to replace my GTX 970 and 1080p monitor with 2070 super and 1440p monitor but worried about bottleneck so i should upgrade CPU first (want to replace I5-6600 with 3800x, 9700k or 9900k) or just ignore the bottleneck and go straight for GPU and monitor, i only have enough money for GPU and monitor or CPU, mobo ?