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  1. HI Herman. So I'll get a new CPU which is faster than the current one as you suggested. And once I get a SATA SSD, I assume I have to reinstall all the software again on that SDD with the operating windows 10 again?
  2. Hi there. My motherboard is really old, is it possible to install SSD on such an old motherboard? I don't think there is a slot for it. I'm not a PC expert at all, that's why I'm asking. Yes my Programs are on a HDD. How about RAM, would I need new RAM Sticks?
  3. Hey forum. I have a really old PC which was build in 2009. I'm considering to update it if it's worth it. During the year I'll be building an up to date PC, but for the time being I'd like to upgrade some specs which would help the performance of this current old build. I mainly use it for some graphic designing, I don't game at all. Below I have attached the specs. Thank you.
  4. Ok thanks for your insight forum, great info as always. Kind regards.
  5. also I forgot to mention, does the latency timings need to be the same?
  6. Hi Forum. I have 16 GB of Ram on my current PC. I want to add an additional 16 GB, of the same RAM sticks (Kingston 2666mhz). But Some friends I'm talking to say, that buying RAM sticks that were a separate batch might not be recognised by my PC and can cause BSOD. So am I better off buying just 32 RAM from the same package? And save myself the drama in case my PC goes nuts? Thank you.