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  1. So I decided I would try a bit of overclocking, but the problem is that when I run a stress test or game after the overclock the FPS gets limited at 30, if I disable the overclock and run it normally it has no FPS cap. I am using MSI afterburner, my specs are RX570 8gb OC from MSI i7-2600 12gb ram
  2. Is 1600x900 over DVI-D better than 1050p over a HDMI to VGA converter? I have an MSI armor AMD RX570 8 gig.
  3. Hi I am fairly new to the monitor and gaming world. I was deciding on a monitor and didnt know which one to go with. I am currently using a 1366x768 monitor which I have to return, only used it for testing the computer. I have 2 monitors at home, and I need to decide whether 1600x900 over DVI-D is better than 1050p with a VGA to HDMI adapter. The 2 monitors are HP LE2201w and Acer P206HV. My graphics card is an MSI Armor AMD RX570 8 gig. What are your recommendations? All help will be appreciated.