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  1. I want to insert an HDMI cable into this port, but there's this little metal piece sticking inside the port. People are telling me this is a "grounding piece" and I shouldn't cut it, and I should take apart my PC and pry it back instead. They say I'll risk frying my motherboard if I cut it. Is this true? I just really don't want to take the PC apart.
  2. Ah, I forgot to post the specs. Here they are (Very low - end PC I made in 2019) CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G Graphics Card: Radeon RX 570 Motherboard: ASRock B450M PRO4 Micro ATX AM4
  3. I've already got one 144hz monitor hooked up via DisplayPort in the GPU, and one HDTV hooked up via HDMI in the GPU. My GPU only has one HDMI port. Would I be able to hook up another HDTV to my CPU? Everyone tells me that my CPU has "internal graphics" whatever that means. My CPU does have an unused HDMI port. By "CPU" I mean the ports on the back of my PC that are higher up, above the GPU ports - I assume these are from the CPU or just motherboard ports? I'm wondering, first of all, can I actually do this? And, if I can, are there an
  4. I have a Google Pixel 4a running Android version 11 and Telus service. I'm trying to figure out a way to disable vibration when I am getting a call or a text or an email or a message, basically all notifications for every single app. But I still want all of these apps to vibrate... when I turn the phone on vibration mode. It seems as though I can easily disable all vibration by going to Accessibility settings - Vibration & Haptics, but this completely disables the vibrations, even when I set the phone to vibration mode. Is this a possible universal setti
  5. My steam updates work properly, whenever this issue isn't happening. The "Steam updating" message shows up every singe time you launch steam, whether it has new updates or not. Would steam updates cause windows 10 errors like this? I googled it and it's saying a driver related issue. But everyone else has the issue where their PC just crashes out of nowhere and restarts. Mine doesnt do that
  6. It happens once every few days or so. I, like most people, always have my PC on. I usually have Steam running also. But not always. Every once in a while, I cannot launch a game, for whatever reason. A window will open up saying "Not responding" or something. So I will attempt to restart Steam, and then Steam will not launch. That little window pops up saying "Updating Steam..." then the window goes away, and nothing. I check Task Manager, and there is a process running called "Steam Client Bootstrapper (32bit)" I'll end the process, try to relaunch, same thing happens. Then, and t
  7. So I play a LOT of Rocket League. It's my competitive game of choice. I first played it way back on PS4 when it was free for PlayStation Plus users in 2015. I've been hooked ever since. In 2018 I decided to switch to PC. I sold my PS4, along with my DualShock 4 controller. So when I first started on PC, I was using my old DualShock 3 controller that I still had from my old fat PS3 and had never been used. I heard RL is just better on PC, what with the high refresh rates and all. But what nobody ever told me about was the input lag difference. It was a COLOSSAL difference. In
  8. I recently built a low-end AMD PC for primarily playing Rocket League. I know the specs aren't much, but I can easily get over 220 FPS with this thing. But I was still playing on a 60hz. So I originally bought an AOC G2460PF. The 144hz 1ms and FreeSync was incredible. Worked like a charm. But the colors on this thing were awful, even for a TN panel. Tried googling and searching all around to adjust the colors, ICC Profiles, etc. Still terrible to even watch any YT video. Returned it. So I got a Asus VG279Q and the colors were amazing, beautiful quality, FreeSync worked, but the 1