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  1. New developments, sometimes now when my pc is freezing or going to freeze i get system beeps through my speakers when i try to move my mouse. I also could recreate the crashing for the first time by playing new world, i could make my pc freeze like clocking by just playing the game for around 5 mins (But now I can play games for hours with no crashes and then it will freeze on desktop). I also am now getting no memory dumps and I have NEVER had a BSOD. The latest crash was this... mouse begain to freeze over 10 seconds ithe curser started stuttering untill it locked up then both my monitors tu
  2. Ram is Team Group RIPPED Edition 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 PC4-28800C14 3600MHz (TDPPD416G3600HC14CDC01) x2 PSU is 850W Corsair RM850I.
  3. Hello my friends, A few weeks ago i suddenly starting getting random freezes and only hitting the power button is the only solution unlesss i leave it around 5-10 mins and it may reboot iself. At first i thought it was only while gaming but it would do it when watching youtube/twitch and even once when i was afk from my PC with nothing open on the desktop. Now in games just before the PC freezes i start getting frame drops from 120fps to 60 then 50 then 40 then 20 then freeze. 20% of the time my pc can recover but when it does that both my monitors loose signal then come back. I expected
  4. Last update, ASUS came through and sent me a brand spanking new monitor. For all the shit I had over the past month or so I rly happy now I have a brand new screen. Anyone reading this in the future, if RMA is fucking you around know your rights and demand a new product or refund. ASUS honored there commitment to me to fix my problems, resulting in them fixing it with a brand new monitor. Thanks for your advice guys.
  5. Holy hell, so many shitty RMA stories ><, They have escalated my case to see if I can now get a brand new monitor. We will see, I have no faith they will do that.
  6. Got it on intrest free credit ><, contacted support they wanted the video I took of the delivery, now waiting on a reply
  7. So fucking glad I checked it at the door when I saw the state of the box holyshit ><
  8. Sorry, I just set the text color to automatic I dont know if that helps first time posting here
  9. I had to share what has been happening over the past month or so. I had my PG227UQ for 8 months when the fan started to get not just loud but would change its RPM from loud to very loud (think of a mini hair dryer being turned to high setting then low) every 30 seconds. Now a fan noise is livable but an alternating fan noise is outright audio stress. So i started my RMA process.... The first RMA started out well, I received what looked like a brand new monitor apart from it was clear that this had been at least turned on once (as expected for a RMA), the stand packaging was opened th