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  1. Honestly it makes me mad that retailers and manufacturers just let miners snatch all the cards with bots/scalpers. They really aren't doing anything to stop it for real because "free market". I don't like BC in general because of how that currency is used in big scale in dark webs (for illegal stuff). Companies selling these cards to miners should at least check backgrounds of the buyers.
  2. Yes, I'd prefer a big air cooler because it lasts longer. However, there isn't space for anything bigger than 95x95mm in width/height. :I 98x98mm is probably absolute max size. In depth even 140mm should be fine. Good point. Maybe I'll just stick with this one until I decide to upgrade the processor. This CPU cooler can't handle anything higher than TDP 95W so it will be a mandatory upgrade. Probably when that happens I'll have to get a new motherboard too.
  3. Hi, I got the build in the signature with a low profile cooler (NH-L9a-AM4). CPU cooler is doing just fine and I don't have any good reason to replace it (peaks 62C/143.6F under stress when I got case fans in high RPM). So, right now I don't need to upgrade but I consider getting AIO next time I need to swap the paste (so idk, maybe in 2 years?). The main reason is that metal plates take less space on motherboard than good air coolers. Any good air cooler I'd like to get is just too big for this motherboard (blocked by ram sticks and shields). My question i
  4. Have you tried to setup a custom fan curve? If you can't find any malware etc. in your PC it's probably that the passive cooling of the GPU just isn't enough... Maybe have the fan spinning at 25% below 50C and see if that is enough? I'd personally return any card that doesn't behave the way I want (and make sure there is way to return it before buying).
  5. This cooler is overkill (Asus TUF Gaming 3060ti OC) but I'm loving it. The card can only draw 200W (215W with 108% limit) but it's just perfect for my PSU. It's so silent only thing I ever hear is CPU cooler wrooming when booting games.
  6. Maybe it's because of the fan curve of the GPU? You can try to make a custom fan curve with MSI Afterburner so it doesn't boost from 0 to 100% in couple seconds. 70C sounds really good temperature if that is under load. With custom fan curve you can make the GPU less audible but it will also make temperatures rise of course. I can't comment much about airflow, if it has thick dust filters it will affect in the airflow quite a bit. If temperatures get lot lower with the case open, then it's probably an airflow issue. Are you sure the noise doesn't come from CPU? Do you
  7. I'll check this out... or get second hand one. As long as there isn't any chance for it to break another header. Yeah, in BIOS there is option to choose fan settings based on headers. It's just quite clunky to control fans from there (mouse moves about 20% speed because drivers don't boot). I did setup this sys_fan3 to always spin at least 50% because otherwise Windows doesn't even recognize it.
  8. Hey, I made post about this thing couple months ago but I'm going to make a new topic about it again because the issue appeared once again... https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B450M-MORTAR-MAX This is the motherboard I got, I've been using it for about 10 months and it was brand new. I got issues with sys_fan3 header that is located in the same row with USB, power/reset, rgb etc. headers. The issue is that any fan I plug on it won't spin unless it's at least 50%. My other case fans on the other headers (sys_fan2 and sys_fan1) will work even
  9. Yes I'd DDU drivers just to make sure that every setting resets and there is nothing left in the registry. I did try to swap 2060 with 3060ti without DDU and that didn't work well. The system didn't even recognize the GPU and had some glitches and performance issues.
  10. Okay I did figure it out. Something went wrong when installing the drivers. I did DDU + installed drivers in safe mode and now everything works as it should.
  11. Current version is 460.79. It's the one Nvidia's own site did recommend to me. //edit I don't have GeForce Experience installed because it's almost a bloatware. //edit 2. I did Google a little and it still can be a driver issue... Well that sucks.
  12. Hey, I just got the card in the title today and installed it and I did notice that it doesn't show up on HWInfo and I can't monitor voltage/wattage on MSI Afterburner. I did try to update both software and I'm using the latest drivers. Is this a feature? I got "silent mode" turned on currently.
  13. It's Asus TUF RTX 2060 6GB OC, yeah I'll start looking for packaging foam/pellets, antistatic bags seem to be plenty. So a fitting box with an antistatic bag and bubble wrapper. "Fragile" for a package will cost 11€ extra so depending on buyer I might add that to the price. Thank you for help.
  14. Hey, I'm planning to sell my current GPU but I don't have original package left. What kind of material I should get for it so it's safe to send through mail? Should I get some antistatic bag and fill a box with pellets/foam or something? And yeah, what kind of price range I should be looking for? It still has 1 year of warranty left, I've been running it underclocked. Brand new it was I think 349€ but last time I saw this one for sale it was around 400€.
  15. FE was never available in my country from any retailer. I did decide to go for Asus TUF (again) because I've understood that the 3 fan model is good. I did order 3060 ti from our local "BestBuy" 1 min before they officially launched (maybe bug on website). It still say "pending" 5 hours later so I got no idea if I did manage to get one or not. I might cancel my order tomorrow afternoon if it's still pending because I won't wait for 4 months to get one.