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  1. I've got to buy thermal paste before reseating the cpu first.
  2. I am using an nvme drive, I will try reseating ram and the CPU right now.
  3. My computer keeps randomly shutting down instantly, such as transferring a file from a NAS using samba to my computer. I thought I might have had a virus so I reinstalled windows, but the issue still occurred. Whenever my computer crashes, I have to flick the power supply off then on to be able to power on the machine. The crash usually happens when I transfer a file so maybe I might have an error with my drive. I am using a 970 evo drive. I was thinking it was underclocking/undervolting which was turning off the machine, but when I went to factory settings, my computer still kept crashing. I
  4. Yes I do see audio indicators when playing the clip near where the mixer is.
  5. Background: Hey, so I am using Arch Linux, and I am using Da Vinci Resolve 16 Beta(non studio). I have to use the beta version since I cannot install regular da vinci resolve 16 on Arch. I am using headphones connected to the integrated sound board on motherboard. I am a new Arch User from windows and Da Vinci Resolve User from Premiere Pro Problem: I cannot hear audio from da vinci resolve and I tried going to preferences, then Video and Audio I/O and Da Vinci did not detect any audio devices. I tried doing speaker config, but Da Vinci still did not detect device.
  6. In one of linus's videos, he said he found SSD's from Facebook on Ebay, the P4500 from intel. I tried searching for the drives on Ebay and they were like 400$ for 4TB. The thing is that I dont think Linus bought 20 drives of these, just to upgrade from his ouinax (I dont know how to spell it) server. My question is, does anyone know any good value ssds for mass storage or where to get these p4500 ssds for cheap.
  7. I am looking to access the WebUI so I can monitor all the servers and easily ssh into each of them without having to use putty for each one of them. And yes I have port forwarded before; I deleted all the custom applications since it was too messy. Also it is not the unknown device issue since I can port forward other unknown VMs. I think it may be proxmox's firewall, but I am checking that right now. also hey its you again.
  8. Oh I found something, it is just that I cant portforward the proxmox VE
  9. Also I should make a vpn, but I will try to do that later.
  10. When ever I try to port forward an unknown device it gives me "A required setting is empty".
  11. I realized nxuron and 3d4hmc were on the same ip (, so I changed nxuron to and nxuron's name does not appear anymore.
  12. I am trying to port forward my proxmox server ( and its showing as unknown. The other IPs are my VMs on the proxmox server. For some reason only one vm has a name. I cannot port forward devices with an unknown device so my question is "How do you name a device". I am using an arris gateway btw. Thank you very much for the help. Background: On proxmox I created 3 VMs and I configed static local ip for each of them and the proxmox server. I also changed nameservers to be cloudflare's and is Proxmox (hostname is serverduy.com; I did n
  13. Oh I already solved the problem, it was because I did not install master grub booter.
  14. I think Im getting hang because I did not install master grub boot loader.
  15. I made enp16s0 a slave to the bridge. Though now there are other problems such there is a hang when booting OS, but I will post another thread on it. Thank you very much for the support; I learned a lot from this with my first time with virtualization.