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  1. well it seems like every mobile rtx2060 is throttled to a max of 90 watts. and alsmost every laptop has only 200watts ^^ but all i do is gaming. and on an 2 core load my cpu doesnt need 80 watts so msi afterburner may use the free watts gained by that and clock a little higher like i said i dont think msi afterburner is doing something unreasonable with the clocks
  2. Hey there, I recently got myself an HP Omen 15dh0004ng and i really love it. It has an Rtx 2060 and a i9 9750h But theres one thing i noticed. The Rtx 2060 allthough it should be identical to the desktop card is a lot slower. in sottr on ultra im only getting 45 fps compared to 55 on desktop. Si i researched and found out my card is clocked significantly lower than the desktop card to achieve a 200 watts power limit. so far so good. THEN i installed msi afterburner too verifiy the articles were right and thats where something interesting accourred.