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  1. i own a omen laptop with the rtx 2060. and no it doesnt do 60fps with all on ultra. but it is all playable metro is at 45fps shadow of the tomb raider also battlefield 5 is over 60 fps and you have to keep in mind that the desktop card does 10-20 fps more than my laptop one.
  2. That's straight bullshit Even the laptop card can run everything with rtx on and that's clocked down 22%
  3. The 5700 is the best card but the 2060 has ray tracing So it comes down to whether you want that or not. The 5600xt is kindof not much slower than the 2060 but the card is weird atm with a new bios update that amd rolled out and not all cards are getting it. So some are good and some are not it's weird. Atm I would buy the 5700 for the fps And the 2060 if you want the rtx
  4. I'm not sure if swapping them causes trouble at all Did you try it ?
  5. Your temps are really good for that kind of Scenario Lowering the fan speeds to maybe achieve at most 79°C should be fine. Tho tbh everything below 95 is generally safe temps. Tho you shouldn't push that far if you don't have to
  6. u can try uninstalling the windows update or booting to a backup before the update
  7. well then it could also be a hardware issue with the card itself. i would suggest contacting the manufacturer in that regard
  8. uff well maybe watch some fps tests for your cpu and then try to pick a gpu thats not too far ahead. i think a 1050 would maybe work. 1050ti maybe but unlikely i think
  9. That's not a tweaky setting issue. Sounds more like a driver or windows issue. Have you tried reinstalling the directx utilities ? I think there's installs on the internet that just do it all at once. That could help maybe.
  10. I would go for the rx580 These cards have always been a little weird in comparison so there's games the amd runs better and games the Nvidia runs better on but in general the amd cards performs better in more games. And if it doesn't it's by 3 fps or so. Also more vram can't hurt since we're in a time where 4gb cards are almost dumb to buy.
  11. Check for proper case airflow. I had a similar situation with the 1050ti and upgraded to a Rx580 and it was heating like hell until I got some Corsair intake fans. The 1050ti is just a super cool card. Also 75°C isn't bad at all. Maybe the fan curve is also a little too aggressive.
  12. One 6 pin can draw up to 150 watts plus the pcie connector drawing 75 watts so at Max out could draw 375 but I doubt it's that much. But for sure more than 200 because otherwise one 6 pin plus pcie connector would have been enough
  13. well a higher end cooler will ofcourse lower the temps by alot ^^ but when youre running on the stock cooler with these temps i think youre good to go. maybe also remember to give it a little dusting here and there and you shouldnt have a problem until you get a higher tdw cpu
  14. It shouldn't matter actually. The airflow shouldn't be affected by that. And yes I believe it should fit. Usually if the manufacturer says 158 will fit then there is probably 160 of space to be safe
  15. I have an rx580 and it doesn't do 1080p 60fps on ultra. I struggle to hit 40 in the division 2 or rdr2 when I drank up the settings
  16. But even the worst card will probably hit the silicon limits before the temp limit.
  17. It's push and pull yes. It's really not loud. Only when you really ramp it up but in my case (r5 1400 oc 3.9ghz) I just left it on the Standart curve and never really heard it tbh.
  18. Well yes. But if the card is really so bad that it will throttle it wouldn't be on the market anymore. Every gpu is built to meet the expected performance and that card is no difference.
  19. I like the Arctic freezer esports 34 duo. It's not expensive at all and has really good cooling
  20. Hmm well it's possible the old thermal paste was better but I doubt that because of the big difference. Actually I don't really know atm what could cause this much of a difference other than the things I mentioned
  21. Maybe you applied to few ? Or didn't screw the heatsink on correctly so the contact is bad
  22. It doesn't matter. Yes it runs warmer than other cards. No that doesn't affect anything besides your exhaust air being a little warmer. It's still a 2070S and will perform like one
  23. Get the 5700xt It's not much weaker than a 2070super sometimes when on par so great value if you don't care about raytracing
  24. Definelty cpu and gpu first. Both of them are not enough to hit 144hz in games. For cpu I would choose a 2600(x) or 3600(x)