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  1. 3 minutes ago, NoGanksEric said:

    As far as I know gpus are not OEM parts. They always have bios from either AMD or Nvidia and thus I also never heard of a gpu bios just going bad 

    Also it is very very hard to change anything in a gpu bios  

    Imo your problem must have been somewhere else. 

    I know the subvendor is named there as dell but I'm pretty sure that there is no substantial change made in the bios that wouldn't make it work in other systems. Generally the only part affected by oems are motherboards 


    Probably gpuZ was able to tell the vendor of of the series number or a note in the bios. 

  2. My laptop 2060 is clocked higher lol 

    Maybe just use no utility at all ? Just the Nvidia drivers will utilize normal and boost clocks 


    Or use something like MSI afterburner with good reputation

  3. The names of the parts in your system 


    Frame spikes usually can be anything. 

    Most common are cpu bottlenecks 

    Ram shortage

    or vram shortage


    Could you maybe tell us what games you are playing and in what settings ? Also in Taskmanager you should be able to tell if your ram or vram is full

    And if your cpu always thrusts to 100% and the gpu doesn't Wich would intend a cpu bottleneck

  4. Ist the issue apparent in windowed fullscreen ? Or borderless window I guess. 

    The fact that the fps lock is different in some games actually should suggest that there is no issue with your monitor or windows settings 

    First of all what refresh rate is your monitor ?

    Do you have different monitors ? 

    And do you use vsync ? 

    Also I could see there being some wrong settings in your gpus driver utility. 

  5. On 2/19/2020 at 4:26 AM, SteveGrabowski0 said:

    I don't think that's the case. If you look at that bottom graph the gpu is always rendering frames faster than the cpu.

    Oh yes got confused there . But still 87 fps seems quite to be all normal for the 2070S with rtx enabled

  6. 49 minutes ago, gogi said:

    Ok,  so i put another but same PSU,  clean installed new drivers and all, testing it for 2 days and no crash so far,  and also the gpu clocks are now different..... core 1340 / memory 1750, before it was 1150/2050. Could it be just bad amd drivers ? -_-

    I don't think so since when video drivers crash windows usually shuts down with a blue screen or it doesn't shut down at all. Just closed all gpu applications and restarts the driver. What sometimes happens when you oc too far. 


    The 1340 should be the base clock for the rx580 so there definelty was some kind of issue before hand. But like you said the bad psu could be a point there. 1750vram is a little low for the rx 580 but putting that to 2000 should be no issue since that's also the base 

  7. Maybe he was plugging it in to a multi power outlet ? Sometimes when you do that power is not really consistent since it takes a second or so to balance out power between all devices plugged in (you also may see your monitor flicker when you turn on your desk lamp or so. 

    Maybe if the power outlet was too stressed and the psu was not really good like you said it caused it to fail. 


    Would be weird tho 

  8. 5 hours ago, rares495 said:


    Stop bullshitting. Explain how his 5700 XT is getting lower fps than an RX 480. Same thing that I'm dealing with. Explain the low GPU usage in GTA V. I get that as well and my PC is very different than his. Just explain these, please. The rest is just blah blah blah.


    By the way, it's usually better to just STFU when you have no clue what you're talking about. We actually own these cards and are experiencing real issues that are not related to anything other than the cards themselves. So stop typing nonsense.

    If you dont want any bullshitting and some serious advice then contact amd themselves, ask for a replacement or refund or something we just stated some facts and what options you have. if your unit for some reason is malfunctioning then were not able to help you. 


    also just because some folks have problems with a card doesnt mean AMD sucks or the card sucks ^^ look around this forum theres threads about almost every f+cking card having problems sometimes. 


    Oh and stay friendly next time.

  9. The "bottleneck" you're seeing there is most likely very normal. Since those games are optimized for high fps usually the cpu puts out less fps than your gpu could do and that results in gpu usages way below 100% but still high fps. 


    Alltho 180 seems a little low for the 5700xt. But then theres also amd drivers and league just beeing a shitty programmed game after all so I'd say its quite normal. 


    You can still try reinstalling drivers or ddu them 

  10. In what games are your problems acouring ? 


    Because even with a cpu that strong cpu bottlenecks still exist in high fps games like rocket league league of legends or similar. So say your cpu can put out 250-300fps in those but the gpu could do even more then it runs at lower usage. Wich is not bad it's perfectly normal for such games. 

  11. 9 hours ago, Jurrunio said:

    Personally, below 60fps average is unacceptable for something this expensive already, especially with a 144Hz monitor OP has planned. Also don't see why anyone would use anything but ultra when RTX is enabled, this tech is all about the little details and turning down any of the settings blurs them away, making their visual effect even smaller while still keeping a lot of the impact to frame rate.

    Idk what exactly you expect from the very first generation of something completely new. Buy the cheapest card there is and get blown away like wtf. God dang I'm an amd fanboy myself and the whole rtx bashing is just pure bs imo. 


    And I'm sorry but you really don't need 60fps for games like metro or sottr.

  12. 9 hours ago, Zelenia said:

    I'm talking of personal experience but some 2060s have really poor cooling. Depends on case and airflow ofc. I can't even dream of 144 fps and 1080p without hitting 85C in couple minutes of gameplay in ultra. Never tried rtx because I can set up BBQ after. I got 2 Noctua fans pushing cold air to card. 


    So imo, dont go for the cheapest 2060 if you get one... 

    um ? more fps and enabling rtx shouldnt change gpu temps imo.


    actually high fps gaming affects cpu more than it does gpu. the gpu is always at a 100% so temps shouldnt differ that much if at all