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  1. I know the subvendor is named there as dell but I'm pretty sure that there is no substantial change made in the bios that wouldn't make it work in other systems. Generally the only part affected by oems are motherboards Probably gpuZ was able to tell the vendor of of the series number or a note in the bios.
  2. As far as I know gpus are not OEM parts. They always have bios from either AMD or Nvidia and thus I also never heard of a gpu bios just going bad Also it is very very hard to change anything in a gpu bios Imo your problem must have been somewhere else.
  3. My laptop 2060 is clocked higher lol Maybe just use no utility at all ? Just the Nvidia drivers will utilize normal and boost clocks Or use something like MSI afterburner with good reputation
  4. 2200g probably bottlenecks the 1070 Depend on the game tho More info would be useful
  5. I mean tbh cooling would probably be better without Asus GPU tweak and just with the Nvidia driver If you really want to OC tho maybe just try MSI afterburner or something better
  6. For gaming they don't really take bites of each other I would go with the 3600 tho
  7. The names of the parts in your system Frame spikes usually can be anything. Most common are cpu bottlenecks Ram shortage or vram shortage Could you maybe tell us what games you are playing and in what settings ? Also in Taskmanager you should be able to tell if your ram or vram is full And if your cpu always thrusts to 100% and the gpu doesn't Wich would intend a cpu bottleneck
  8. Ist the issue apparent in windowed fullscreen ? Or borderless window I guess. The fact that the fps lock is different in some games actually should suggest that there is no issue with your monitor or windows settings First of all what refresh rate is your monitor ? Do you have different monitors ? And do you use vsync ? Also I could see there being some wrong settings in your gpus driver utility.
  9. Oh yes got confused there . But still 87 fps seems quite to be all normal for the 2070S with rtx enabled
  10. I think the number says that your gpu is the bottleneck not sure tho I would say it's all fine. The numbers look like I'd expect from this card
  11. When reinstalling windows from via bios booting from a stick you can format all partitions on the SSD and then create a new one for your windows
  12. Buy good thermal paste ^^ that shouldn't have that issue. Just to be careful you can also heat up the cpu before you take of the cooler (safely!) So that the thermal paste softens up
  13. It does sound like a hardware related issue. Probably a bad gpu. But it could also be solved by software. I would try everything from driver ddu to reinstalling windows before buying a new gpu for hundreds of dollars ^^
  14. Maybe you have to activate xamp2.0 for the ram to run that fast
  15. Depends on if you need rtx or nah ^^ I would take the 2060 super since I love rtx and just think it's cool. But from an price to performance argument there actually no discussion needed to go for the 5700xt