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  1. Even on EKWB I can't figure out which waterblock I need. I know the 2070super has a 2080 die, and I see people having this issue on different forums ALL THE TIME but I've never seen a response that actually led to the purchase of a block. Maybe there is a block, maybe there isn't. At this point I feel like the parent of a missing child. I just need closure
  2. Had this kit in my rig for a couple months and I've seen how much improvement ppl are getting with Ryzen 7 3700x and 2070super with this RAM kit OC'd, I know world records have been broken with Ballistix Elite in the past, I just want to know what the sweet spot is, so I'm trying to find someone who has overclocked this kit and maybe the same CPU/GPU as me, and may have tips they could share. Thanks
  3. If you remember Ryzen 4000 is going in PS5, along with Radeon Navi and the whole system is selling for $600.
  4. All good, didn't ask for a key. Thanks
  5. I've already got my windows reactivated when I upgraded my motherboard and RAM a couple weeks ago but I was needing some more storage
  6. Would installing an m.2 SSD on my Mobo make me need a new Windows key? Is that considered a hardware upgrade?
  7. Ok so it would not let me change the background photo so I guess that's what it meant by I couldn't customize my PC, but I called the help number, entered old IID, it gave me a new IID, and the red watermark went away. Thanks to everyone who helped me
  8. Gotcha. I'm wondering if I should call the number and enter the installation ID like it's telling me, but I should probably just leave it alone since it's working
  9. Alright I'll give that a try when I get home. I'll post if everything seems ok still
  10. If I need to I will. But everything is working fine so far
  11. Ok ill try when I get home. But I thought maybe since I upgraded from a B450m DS3H to a B450 Tomahawk Max maybe it sees the upgraded as a tweak and not a upgrade?? I don't know just trying to understand why I'm not getting a black screen
  12. I just finished upgrading my motherboard, PSU and RAM for a little more performance and was expecting to need a new Windows key, but after adjusting my settings in bios after powering on for the first time it just started like normal. I played a game on steam, watched YouTube, everything seems fine.But In settings I get a message in red letters that says I can't customize my PC without activating windows, but I'm not sure what that means because I haven't found anything I can't customize. I ran an update that worked fine, so my question is, what isn't working, or what is a reason I need to pur
  13. Go to your Nvidia control panel and see if your priority is quality or performance
  14. So I started my PC earlier to play a game and decided to check YouTube first and I noticed that the window took like 1.5 seconds to open when usually it's instantaneous. I refrag'd my drives to make sure they didn't need optimized and proceeded to play a game. When game load it took longer than it should of and once I got in game I was only running 40fps when it should have been locked at 145fps. I opened task manager and saw that my CPU was only running at 1.2mhz. I checked Ryzen master to confirm and shut my PC off. I rebooted it and all was fine and running at 4.25mhz and 145fps in game....
  15. Dang I didn't get a notification.. it's a b450m mini Mobo but I ended up finding another header but I can't get to it because the GPU sits too close. It's a 2070 super ventus OC and I just have to take the glass panel off when using. It drops from mid-high 70s down to low 60s just doing that. Im just kinda screwed with my current setup. I know those Tempe aren't horrible, I just find it unnecessary But yeah I didn't end up adding another fan Thanks I'll look for the adapters guys
  16. So technically my headers for fans are all being used but I have plenty of LED, LED CPU, LED1,2,3...etc that are free. They don't have the clip on the header to hold it there, but would one of these LED headers power a fan and be safe or not fall off easily without a clip?? Camera won't focus but trying to give an image. There's one right in the center of the image
  17. Gigabyte B450m mini ATX Ryzen 7 3700x liquid cooled 16gb Corsair Vengeance 3200ddr4 MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC Fanatec CSLE+ F1 Clubsport Wheel CSL Loadcell Pedals Oculus Rift S 27" Asus 144hz Monitor Corsair Void RGB Headset
  18. Ppl need to leave zoomers alone. It's hard being a snowflake in this climate.
  19. There's plenty of space though, so I'm wondering if maybe I need to rethink push/pull of air since the heat seems to be trapped and opening the side drops 5+ degrees immediately. Idk.
  20. Thanks, Yea I have my PC on the table behind my monitors and I also put blocks under the legs to bring the bottom up off the table so there is about 1 1/2 inches of space for the PSU to breathe, I just wanted to get the temps under control Incase they start getting into the 80s
  21. TSo I've been reading other ppls posts about it struggling to find the right block, does anyone HAVE a waterblock for an MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC? It seems there are blocks for the 2070, the super, EVGA, founders, etc. If anyone can help me figure it out id appreciate it. My GPU temps are a little too high. My Ryzen 7 3700x is liquid cooled and only reaches 50s but GPU gets to high 70s and even with a more aggressive fan map I can only get to 75c. If I remove the glass panel from the front temps immediately drop to 72c and I already have two fans on both side of the RAD for my CP
  22. Ok, so I'm struggling to figure out which block and kit to buy.. MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC... Recommendations for a newbie plz lol