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  1. Sorry I didn't see this, I have the 3700x right now and have the 3900x on the way in shipping, but gaming alone I won't see a difference. Only will help while I have multiple live applications running and gaming at the same time
  2. It really is. If someone was sitting in my rig driving ACC and I TOLD them it was 4k HDR they would talk about how amazing it looks lol
  3. Yea definitely. I run 2560x1080 on a curved ultrawide but no HDR or 4k. Need 120fps+ for sim racing. I'm not even really a fan of HDR or 4k.
  4. But as far as better in 1440p I know that the Gap starts to prefer Ryzen with higher resolution. Their probably the same at 1440p
  5. No but I play ACC which uses unreal engine 4 and is an extremely demanding physics engine/game which prefers Core and thread count
  6. Lol prolly not but yea dude, I learned that when swapping out a cheap b450m for my tomahawk board. Pulled the CPU straight out of the socket lol smh I looked at the retention arm and it was up afterwards even though I hadn't done it but checked the pins and the were fine lmao
  7. Nice. I'm either waiting until next week when I can buy a good x570 board or I'll put it in my b450 Tomahawk Max for little while to see how it does but I should have plenty of airflow with how my system is configured. It's like a shop vac lol
  8. Yep on new egg last night but yes the $419 sale
  9. I currently have the Ryzen 7 3700x and I'm waiting to receive my Ryzen 9 3900x, GPU is 2070 super, 3600mhz RAM. I won't see any improvement really in gaming alone but when I have projects working and discord running and Team Speak plus a game etc etc, I will see an improvement in time. But gaming alone, no difference
  10. Im about to be editing and uploading a lot of stuff and found a sale for $400 so already grabbed it. I saw some charts that said I would need decent air flow but didn't know if anyone had been running theirs for a few months with no issues and might convince me to go ahead and install it before getting an x570 of some sort
  11. I don't plan on overclocking while I have this board but will use it for awhile if I can...does anyone have this same setup? Temps OK??
  12. Actually just stopped myself... It says 14 days for delivery soooo I think it may be coming from China. No Corona virus for me plz lol I don't even think they can ship right now?
  13. Thx. Just bought the second to last one you posted. Hopefully their product is better than their English
  14. They messaged me and told me this one, but it too is out of stock ;/
  15. Well that's the first one I've seen that just says 20 series and I saw it said it covers the 2080 die so I'm gonna take a chance and order this next week thanks
  16. I need something that will cover everything, not just the die, but that's the first I've seen something like that
  17. Sent message to what seems like a live customer service rep so hopefully hear something soon
  18. MSI 2070 super ventus OC the PCB is what seems to stop everyone from making a purchase from posts I've read
  19. No I haven't called. But I should probably contact MSI if that's the only way I guess