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  1. Yes I know. I have a buddy that's local with R5 3600 I'm trying to convince
  2. Yep told ya Lol I managed. Just have to take it out of the box and touch it every once in awhile lmao
  3. Nope, still in the box. Don't really wanna put it in this b450 tomahawk max. Have a 570 on the way
  4. Someone should buy from this seller to see if it's legit lol. 1,2,3, Not it!!
  5. Yea, I grabbed one for $400. Just showed up a couple days ago.
  6. Me neither but it was the first thing that popped up when I did a Google search to check current pricing
  7. Fresh off the boat. I popped and inhaled the bubble wrap air. Whoops?
  8. LMAO yes for sure haha. My favorite answer is, Athlon G lol smh
  9. Disk part is windows key+R key or you can type disk management in the windows search bar at bottom if one of those are what you need
  10. Not sure I'm following, do u mean my core clock is supposed to be locked now and not thermal dependent?
  11. If I lose fps while streaming or something I will roll it back
  12. I got 2010 holding stable in game and temps are still low 60s. Weird. Feel like I'm being nerf'd lol
  13. New driver auto installed and I checked how my GPU was running in Afterburner and I was only running 1990mhz when I was oc'd to 2070mhz. When I tried bumping my OC to achieve 2070 the game crashed, but my temps were down from 75ish to 65ish... Anyone else notice the same thing?
  14. Here's a super deep question: If a computer nerd were a Hip-Hop Superstar, what piece of computer hardware would they have dangling from their chain?
  15. You would even be ok with a 2070 super. It's a 2080 die just less cache and such, it's just not as stable as a 2080 so the clocks go above and below what a 2080 runs. I'm only using the 3900x for multiple tasks and gaming but the 3700x and 2070super is more than enough