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    RBPEDIIIAL got a reaction from Bigpumkin in First Build in 4ish Years. What should I change?   
    I would get the Patriot Viper Steel 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) at 3733Mhz or 4000Mhz max, and then use the $60 or so dollars you save to purchase a Noctua NH-D15 CHROMAX Black (or the non-CHROMAX Black version if you don't mind the brown/white color scheme). The NH-D15 will trade punches with most AIOs in terms of cooling performance and will be equally quiet or quieter while having the added benefit of being very low maintenance.
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    RBPEDIIIAL got a reaction from PunkmeisterDuy in Does anyone know the software Linus is using here   
    It is the Netdata Web Dashboard.
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    RBPEDIIIAL reacted to Delicieuxz in California's new data and privacy rights in effect as of today - Microsoft pledges US-wide application... + details of proposed CRPA   
    EEE is meant to extinguish competition to Microsoft standards and alternatives. Github became Microsoft's standard and alternative. Microsoft would extinguish their own dominant platform.
    Linux isn't really a threat to Microsoft, and Microsoft is able to make money through Linux as well.
    Here's some of what EEE was enacted against by Microsoft: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embrace%2C_extend%2C_and_extinguish#Examples
    Yes, business models would likely need to change and they should - background data-theft isn't a legitimate business when companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google do it any more than when malware distributors do it. The lawless regime of data-pilfering is like a store-owner, rather than charging set prices for certain products and services, indiscriminately helping themselves to the monetary contents of people's pockets and wallets when they walk into their store - without clear knowledge or consent to it by those who enter their store.
    It is an invasive thug and criminal business model that has no right to exist. Companies that can't thrive without it shouldn't exist. Companies that have something of value to offer are able to receive market value for their offerings.
    So, a revamp of the business model is an objective of proper regulation of data-thieves.
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    RBPEDIIIAL reacted to yaboistar in US Maritime Facility Crippled by Ransomware Attack   
    excessive consumption of crayons
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    RBPEDIIIAL reacted to Windows7ge in Does anyone know the software Linus is using here   
    pve is just the default name PROXMOX gives the server. The program is just pulling the system name.
    A little Googling reading though the blurry text it looks to be a application called Netdata. I don't see it being a pre-included application with PROXMOX but it appears to only need one line to be installed on "any" (according to their site) Linux distro:
    bash <(curl -Ss https://my-netdata.io/kickstart.sh) So you could install it on PROXMOX. 
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    RBPEDIIIAL reacted to ONOTech in EA is banning Linux Gamers in Battlefield 5   
    Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong here (it's been a minute since I used Wine or anything), but is it actually hacking?
    From what I know you use Wine (virtualization) + DXVK (translates DX11 to Vulkan support) + a few native lines to get it to work. None of that data is "unauthorized" since it's all installed on your computer and you can access it.
    You're also not distributing the edited files anywhere and it doesn't improve gameplay - no macros or anything. I think the term hacking is thrown around too much (I'm guilty of this myself)
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    RBPEDIIIAL reacted to StellathePooh in ANC headset; how to choose   
    Thank you RBPEDIIIAL for your thorough reply. It helps a lot.
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    RBPEDIIIAL got a reaction from StellathePooh in ANC headset; how to choose   
    There are really only two (commonly recommended) brands when it comes to ANC: Bose and Sony.
    Sony's Options:
    - WH-1000XM3 (Over-ear headphones)
    - WF-1000XM3 (Earbuds)
    Bose's Options:
    - QC35 II (Over-ear headphones)
    - Bose 700 (newer version of the QC35s)
    Beyond deciding between earbuds and headphones, it really comes down to which pair has the features you want. Most reviews seem to find only minor differences between the various pairs, so final decision really comes down to the person.
    Note that almost all of these headphones are near the $300 mark, but that they can often be found cheaper refurbished.