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  1. I forgot today was April Fools Day And I was like o no O NO
  2. I just his 6m but im gonna tkae a break till i get my new computer
  3. im 35, and life changes that's ok. I wanted to go to school for computer science and security/tech and ended up switching to Mathematics, Honestly I don't regret it. Also sometimes real life stuff does loom in the way. thats also ok. Enjoy what's out there.
  4. wow, so I wont be Silver for a while then Edit Thanks for the event badge!!
  5. my Hard Drive Died during the event. died on the very last day thanks for remembering our dead hardware =D
  6. rank 300, 2.5 m points. Activity, I think I only Missed 1 or 2 days WUs: 100+
  7. basically things will slow down, then will crash, will work for a bit then crash again. now this is also a sign of a mobo failure, but always check the HD first.
  8. there will be always scalpers, don't buy from them I remember when this happened with the wii, and some people couldnt get rid of them in the end. Not to mention people scalp everything even toilet paper in covid 19.
  9. you can turn off all sigs here including moderators
  10. I use the Huntsman Opto Mechanical Purples....