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  1. I was playing Control on ultra on the above mentioned System and my PC suddenly crashed, which had never happened before installing the 3070. Is this a result of a power draw spike and means that I need to upgrade my PSU to 650+ watts? Also, can these crashes damage any components?
  2. Hey there, I've wanted to buy a 3070 for a while now, but none of the custom designs really resonated with me, since stuff like "GAMING" written all over it was a huge no go. The MSI Ventus 3x was my first choice for a while, but after I saw it unboxed I was bothered by the massive step from the backplate to the protruding heatsink. Today I found the attached image but I cant find it anywhere else. This is however exactly what I have been looking for, so I wanted to ask, does anybody know where this image comes from and if so, what I should look for when trying to buy this card somewhere?
  3. Hey there, a few years back I bought a single HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4-2133 CL14 stick (HX421C14FBK) , and now that I want to upgrade I can't seem to find that model anymore outside of 16GB kits, which don't really fit into my budget. Would it work to use a single HyperX Fury 8GB DDR4-2933 CL17 stick that i could get for ~45 bucks instead of buying a 16GB kit?