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  1. Looking for a PSU that would be solid for having a Ryzen 9 5900x with a RTX 2070 super (Possible upgrade in the future to one of 30 series super cards). I do a bit of overclocking aswell not by a lot but for I would mention it.
  2. Ready figured out now. It was the RAM, took 1 stick out had only 500 errors at the same stage. Then took one more out left with 16gb ram and I have 0 errors. Also checked my motherboard at it doesn't support 4 dimm 32gbs of my sticks
  3. yeah I should've bought 2 x 16gb 3600mhz Ram sticks but oh well least I haven't got any errors anymore
  4. Yeah my bios is up to date. XMP is on with 2 stick in at 3600mhz still no errors so far about half way through the test. Shame if that reason was having 4 sticks really wanted to keep 32gbs of ram but I might try XMP off with 4 sticks and see what happens
  5. I removed another stick at at 2/4 Pass I havent gotten a single error atm
  6. Ok will try. Do you think its the fact that having 4 sticks running at 3600mhz is too much. I should probably check my motherboards memory and see if it can even handle 4 sticks. This is the website for supported memory and I actually couldn’t see my exact part no. Only something very close to it but that one is showing only 2 Dimms supported https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/SocketAM4/TUF_B450M-PLUS_GAMING/Memory_QVL_3rd_Gen_AMD_Ryzen_Processors.pdf
  7. Still getting errors during the test but their is way a lot less errors now only 461 compared to that 10000 when I got to Pass 2/4
  8. Ok should I reseat the cooler, remove a stick the do the test or just remove a stick then test.
  9. This system still runs I just have to restart til I get past the blue screens. Here is just an image of a test I did but doesn’t show temps which I will do one where it does
  10. I do get blue screens tho after I usually restart my pc after playing game that crashes
  11. Ok well I had originally put the 3 pin on the AIO pump which later changed to CPU fan because I was having a corsairusbxp driver disconnecting reconnecting itself over and over when playing a game. But I am able to adjust the fans and everything for the cooler so maybe it was just a bad CPU after all
  12. Thought I would just add this too done the cpu test with memtest64 and got this. So not sure if their is even much chance of saving this cpu now. But could this of happened because my cooling was bad
  13. I have recently done a CPU test and found 1000 errors and have had loads of pc problems since october (had the pc since February). But I noticed that I installed the 3 pin connector that comes off the pump and I put it on AIO pump instead of the CPU Fan header. Could this have caused my pc to overheat and burnout. I will mention I did check my temps a lot playing games and majority of the time the temps were fine at like 60c but then their were times where it hit 80c even 90c
  14. Ok will do, currently in the middle of testing CPU and Memory with Memtest64 which isn’t looking good as my CPU has found 1097 errors so far.
  15. I do use my D drive for games only as its 1TB size, so I suppose I could try removing the drive and installing a game on my C drive.
  16. I have now done so many forums of issues that I have had with this pc since October 22nd. You can look back at my posts but I will give a list of all my problems since October up until now. My current main issue is all my games crashes anywhere between just booting them and about 25mins and then when restart my pc I more then likely run into a blue screen error of some sort. I believe it is Hardware after all this time doing soooooo many fixes as I have reinstalled windows 10 twice now, it just surely is hardware related. Here is the current list of issues I have had since October up until now
  17. Yeah I think so too it never lowered only got higher when it started. I will mention along with this that before I had CorsairUSBxp driver disconnecting and reconnecting which is my water cooler. But I fixed this with changed the 3pin pump header of the AIO to the CPU fan but it seems something else is the problem. I know its not a software issue because I have reinstalled windows 10 twice now. I think its hardware related but which one? That is the question,
  18. Well I can tell you as soon as I started the prime95 on smallest test my CPU temps got up to 90’c
  19. Still have problems on pc haven’t been able to play a game without crashing for a while now. I have done a clean install of windows 10 formatted both drives. Thought it was a Corsair icue usb driver problem as it kept disconnecting and reconnecting whilst I was playing but they issues is now gone I change the 3 pin header off of the AIO pump for CPU Fan. But I still get this one blue screen after a restart from updating my Sata Controllers from standard to Amd. But even if I changed them back I would still get game crashes. The strange thing for about this blue screen is that it’s di
  20. I no longer have this blue screen as I did a complete reinstall of windows and format both of my drives. But I still crash in games and get this blue screen now
  21. Diagnosed both drivers and they are fine. I will say when I had a problem with video and audio stutters the fix I used was to revert the AMD sata controllers to standard windows ones.
  22. Ok will diagnose for both drives now and get back to you
  23. I installed Samsung Magician Software and immediately had two firmware updates for them. What else should I use the software for?