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  1. set it to like 1400-1300 like Zeirozh he told me that 1400-1300Mhz is the most stable
  2. believe me, I suggest undervolting gpu for more stable and less throttle
  3. undervolt is basically, make a curve, or straight line, but it's lower than stock settings
  4. maybe you adjust it to look like a curve, but if you still throttle then adjust for a lower curve but increasing it... i don't know, cus this laptops is pretty slim and might throttle more maybe you should ask someone who overclocking things...
  5. if you prefers temps over performace, just go all flat at 1600-1700Mhz like on Zeirozh's but at higher clocks or same as his and "perfect" here depends on places, and how they are cooled in different conditions you should test all kinds, to see which is the best for you
  6. there's risks of overvolting but no risks of undervolting and for GPU and Afterburner, you don't adjust the voltage, but the GPU clocks of every voltage level...
  7. In conclusion, BIOS/software push the hardware too much and the cooling isn't able to keep up So @NESHAY you should remove the vents covers on the bottom panel(both the plastic and metal with a knife or something), and should repaste with better thermal paste, and just set the fan to always 100% while also not try to overclocking things to improve thermals