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  1. thats what i always did driver wise i always installed from the amd site but ddu? suprisingly im not familiar with the term. can you tell me what ddu means? i did also try installing older versions instead of the latest version of the driver but no go sadly
  2. I did clean the ram slots to be safe but i didnt see anything the ram i cleaned off just incase . If i had an fm2 board id be able to know better. And let me rephrase i tested the moniter by using the diagnostics aaand the display driver. The diagnostics showed no missing lights and discoloration. Also i put the old cpu/ apu back on before i went to sleep and it was still screen tearing
  3. my apologies i'm so scrambled at the moment. hope what i typed makes sense.
  4. Well it all started when I was upgrading the system from win 8 to win 10. Grandparents told me that the display driver wasn't working all that well. As soon as I upgraded operating systems and did some testing. I did install the amd driver and saw that it was screen tearring so bad i couldnt hardly see the screen. i even uninstalled the display driver completly off the system and it was working like normal with some discoloration. At first i thought it mightve been the screen. so i did some more testing used hardware moniter to check the stress test tempratures, and i noticed the temprat
  5. what do you mean different system entirely?
  6. Ah that makes sense I've heard about HP doing that but didn't want to believe it haha do you happen to know if there's a way to bypass the lock?
  7. Pc Specs: HP-Pavilion 23-B034 AIO pc, 6GB DDR3 RAM, Original O.S Windows 8, Current O.S Windows 10 x64 ver 20H2 I'm trying to fix a computer for grandparents and noticed that the current AMD APU is fried and causing screen tears. I checked the specifications for this system and made sure that the APU was able to be upgraded at least. Heres the link for the pre-built all in one system https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03518188 the original APU is a FM2 socket AMD Trinity dual core A6-5400K that was having display issues. I went and bought a AMD Trinity quad-core A8-5600k and