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    intel i5 - 8250u
  • RAM
    4X1 one board
    4X1 Samsung DDR4
  • GPU
    AMD Radeon 530
  • Storage
    WD green120Gb SSD,
    Seagate 2Tb HDD
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    15.6" FHD IPS
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    Windows 10 pro education
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    Lenovo ip320-15ikb

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  1. anybody have suggest deep down video link for ips, tn and va working
  2. diagonal in pixel = √(1366^2 + 768^2) = 1567.09, ppi = diagonal in pixel / diagonal in inch, ppi = 1567 / 14 = 111, pixel squire per inch = 111^2 = 12321, dot pitch = 14/1567 x 25.4 = 0.2269
  3. 16:9 or 21:9 are pretty standard? if it is standard how this figur come
  4. 16:9 0r 21:9 where did it comes from
  5. 1366x768 res and 14 inch. cal aspect
  6. i am not getting a proper result on google for calculating a screen aspect ratio. i have physical pixel but how do i calculate aspect ratio of that
  7. meaning of vdh, s2h, d2v,ds3h,m,k ,a and more on to motherborad's suffix
  8. what is the meaning of vdh, s2h, d2v,ds3h,m,k ,a and more on to motherborad's suffix
  9. my old hp 241 g1 laptop has AMD A4-Series A4-PRO 3340B 4 core cpu. i traied more chrome os recovery image for this laptop but any of those not working. anybody help me find a CrOs recovery for this device core arch - kabini microArch - jaguar
  10. yes i clean all the pins but it did not
  11. three four month after now i have inserted my sd card on android device. card does not detected in to device then i moved to windows here it is not also detecting. this is sandisk 32gig card it has lots of data. anybody can welcome to fix this
  12. how do i select right motherboard over multiple choise
  13. can you give me a link for this kind of suffix details for all brand motherboard for amd chipset