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    Yes... my pfp is a badger, smoking a joint, in Amsterdam.


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  1. It makes switching from work stuff to this forum very easy while at work.
  2. Using an ESP8266 could do the trick. https://github.com/nikrozman21/esp8266-powerbutton
  3. Wait, surely you can right? I think you can... I remember trying to switch to YTM, on my phone but then Spotify came into my country. The best way to listen to music on YT is either YT Vanced on mobile or with an ad-blocker on desktop. If GPM actually gets shutdown i'll use some 3rd party software to listen to my downloads.
  4. 8/10. I love how he is looking at the camera and like the blurry background. Great photo. Here is one of mine, which I took some time ago: