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  1. No luck with that also, nearly fresh install and removed any potential software that could conflict
  2. that’s my strongest guess rn too, interesting that no matter how i gently manipulate connections nothing happens, i’ll also try with a real usb adapter thingy
  3. so the weirdest of things happened to me, i don't what happened. I just working in the morning, been using the pc for a few hours. Now the pc decided out of sudden to just recognize the usb connection. Now everything works like it's supposed to. This is very interesting
  4. Aura finely controls the fan and the mobo lights. The problem is with the outer ring lights and the amd logo light. They are not controllable with Aura Software but all i want is for them to light up even without controlling them. They were working like that in the first week of the build as i mentioned earlier.
  5. I know from experience that it's not needed to work. But now it doesn't work so i tried that also. That's for "controlling" it with the Cooler Master/AMD Software. So i gave it a shot because somehow in the process i lost the light while only using the RGB Header
  6. I don't know if a setting affects those lights but i really would love them back and out of ideas.
  7. Yes, as i read on multiple sources, USB Cable (the other sourced cable than the 4 pin rgb cable) is needed for the Cooler Master Software to work and to control the amd logo and ring lights. I also tried to other way and every possible way. It just wouldn't work. I don't want to control those lights tho. All i want is that they light up. They were lighting up the first days of the build(with only the rgb header)
  8. mobo: Asus TUF B550M-PLUS cpu: Ryzen 3700x so i looked every possible thread i could find about this. tried it with the usb controller with different ports, tried it with both the cables or only usb etc. tried the wraith prism software(which never gets past "plug in your cm device") aura controls the fan lights just fine with rgb cable if i attach the usb cable fan never lights up and no control on it, nothing recognizes. when i first put together the machine both the amd logo and the ring was lighting up i don
  9. It’s the same sensor size. It has bigger pixels and sensor is more tuned to low light.
  10. You should be able to find a7s cheaply. With these features that you want i doubt you could find anything cheaper tho
  11. Once you get used to it ui wont be a problem. All the necessary options are easily accesible also you have a few programmable buttons, thats enough in my book. UI wise, i will disagree with the replies, i hate fuji’s ui, its very far away from being intiutive. Everyone will have different opinions on these subjects. I think you need proper education. a6000 will be more than enough to guide you on your education path. good luck
  12. Get the Manfrotto Compact Advanced for 50 pound-ish I doubt that you can find anything remotely reliable for 25
  13. Mirrorless is definitely the future. I'd go for mirrorless in a heartbeat. Fuji cameras are awesome right now(not too much intuitive if you ask me) also Sony a6000 is a great starting point too. I second the above answer. Get one and start shooting.
  14. My oldest and probably most favourite lens is a Minolta 50mm 1.2 (mid 60s probably), below photo is shot with a sony a7R and that lens. My oldest camera is a minolta SRT 101 (60s again) but i don't use it that often. The oldest camera i use very often is a beast of a minolta alpha 9000. circa 1985. It has better features than some of the modern cameras. Total workhorse Untitled by nzmcnsk, on Flickr Untitled by nzmcnsk, on Flickr