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    Old Schooler - De-lidder's club. - ŞɧʁɨmǷβʁɨmЄ™

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    A-1-A BeachFront Avenue
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    PCs, nitro rc, Cars trucks machines.
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    Im Gen X Capricorn.
    Gots a family, wife kids dog cat ect.
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    Diesel Technician Welder Fabricator.


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    Lid-Less PGA 2700X
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    Asus B450-I Gaming
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    16GB G.Skill 3600mhz 14-14-14
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    RTX 2060
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    Silverstone TJ07
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    plenty of storage.
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    Antec CP series 850w
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    40" 1080p
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    Stock air
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    Razar tournament edition
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    Surround sound
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    W7 and W10 across 4 operational household rigs
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    None. Desktop PC only. My phone works just as good as laptop but fits in the pocket!

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  1. I'm into Diamond Nano pastes even on naked Dies. In particular the Antec Formula 7.
  2. This 3200 CL 14, if is the B-Die (14-14-14) timings will easily do 16-16-16 3600mhz manually. Like super easily. 130EU might as well get that kit.
  3. 5.2ghz will likely be in excess of 300w... That's almost half of the advertised "Peak" 650w output. I'd use no less than 850w personally. I'd gather for 5.2ghz+, you'd have a pretty decent water-loop to accompany it. If not, have fun trying to cool that chip otherwise. EDIT: Just saw sys specy. NVM the above. It's already a running system. So, do some overclocking. Test the cooler. That would be first worry imo. Then maybe PSU if you can actually get up 5.2ghz.
  4. B-Die is actually not that rare, but yes sometimes expensive. Sometimes not. Just gotta know where to look. Like this set here, I generally advise for people to grab. Fast, B-Die and not too pricey. Newegg looks to have all the colors of this kit, you change the product letter at the end of the part number. SW in this case is white. KW black, GTZ without end letter is Red. https://www.neweggbusiness.com/product/product.aspx?item=9b-20-232-438&tpk=9b-20-232-438
  5. The 2400mhz memory kit is default at that speed which is Jedec standard not an Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) and will just simply post the board at this speed. Which is better performance wise, so your upgrade should be at 2400mhz not 2133mhz.
  6. It's all older Die because Samsung stopped producing it. It's been replaced with A-Dies which at 3600mhz would carry a timing set of 16-18-18, very similar to micron A die or samsung D-Die.... most of these all very similar in timing sets. Also advertised as "AMD ready" modules will also have the looser sets 16-18-18 for example.
  7. The board will run anything that has a Jedec spec of X frequency. In this case, the memory is rated for Jedec standard 2400mhz and the board will post that speed.
  8. The amount of memory installed does not change the performance numbers. So long as the amount of memory being used is capable with the board and memory controller at X rated speed, you should still see performance gains. If you want better performance from your memory kit during these benchmarks, Increase the Cpu frequency as well. That should help lower latency and increase bandwidth also.
  9. If the PC stops working, use this thread to diagnose why.
  10. Use distilled water. It will have no minerals to worry about, it will not be electrically conductive.
  11. It's an arbitrary number chase. 30fps and 60fps would be an ideal refresh rate for most 4K TVs, there's really no need beyond 30fps in reality. Old console systems where 30fps. Nobody complained and few even knew what the number actually meant, pretty much the case with your inquire. After all, this is just video playback. Not competitive gaming frame rates we are after.
  12. Humidity in the room is always there. You can get digital readers that do inside and outside temp with relative humidity. I've had several shop PCs that where exposed to harsh environments beyond just humidity, but exposed to outside humidity. These PCs are generally pretty basic and lasted several years. But to keep cooler, a window AC unit would be the best way to go for any room while it cools and removes humidity, this is the safest route for your PC.
  13. If it drops a worker, it's not stable. More voltage only if you can cool it. High temps will make the chip unstable also. Trial and error. Keep tweaking.
  14. The real truth is the Cpu comes automatically overclocking from the box. User intervention = none required. PBO = Auto (default overclocked) PBO = Enabled (boosted overclocked) PBO = Disabled (runs base frequency)
  15. So this is SUPER socket 7? As long as bios supports 100 FSB, should be able to run just about anything you want. Here's a support list pulled from CpuWorld. AMD K5 (75 MHz - 200 MHz) AMD K6 (166 MHz - 300 MHz) AMD K6-2 (200 MHz - 570 MHz, often requires 100 MHz bus support) AMD K6-III (333 MHz - 550 MHz, often requires 100 MHz bus support) Cyrix 6x86, 6x86L and 6x86MX (90 MHz - 266 MHz) Cyrix MII (233 MHz - 433 MHz) IBM 6x86, 6x86L and 6x86MX (90 MHz - 300 MHz) IDT Winchip C6 (180 MHz - 240 MHz) IDT Winchip 2 (200 MHz - 240 MHz) Intel Pentium (non-MMX) (75 MHz