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  1. Hi, I am building a PC and I am using the Sharkoon Shark Blades RGB Fan and when I turn the PC on, one of the Fans just lights up blue on one side of the Fan and the other one doesn't light up at all. They are connected via 3-Pin Adressable RGB.
  2. There is no secure boot because it is not running UEFI
  3. The target system is not changeable
  4. I think the system has 4gb and i read if i just want to use it as NAS eithout the docker things etc. it should work. where can i cretae a BIOS bootable USB in Rufus?
  5. Hi, I have a problem, I have an old medion pc from 2007 running Windows Vista and I wanted to use it as a NAS eith TrueNas, but when I try booting from my USB Stick i get a dis boot failure and I dont know why because the usb stick works perfectly fine and I can boot from it on my Laptop. I tryed to change the boot order and a couple of settings in the BIOS but it still doesnt work.
  6. I undervolted it with -125mv I am looking at core temps
  7. I am not lying to myself I dont know if you know that but 97C is not so special for laptop temps I mean Macbooks and other gaming Laptops run at the same temp and work
  8. Yeah but my Problem is not the temp bc it can reach 100C but just reaches 97C so it would not help
  9. I tried but I failed bc the heat sink is attached with small special screws and yeah the fans are spinning at full speed .
  10. That is the problem I cleaned everything but it did not work
  11. I have the latest drivers and the highest temps are around 97 degree celsius on the CPU and around 85 on the GPU
  12. Hello guys i have a problem, my laptop started to freeze randomly when i close a game(sometimes also in game) like R6, Destiny 2, Jedi Fallen Order, .... and I wanted to know if somebody of you has experience with an issue like this. I have a HP Omen 15-ce083ng Intel i5-7300hq GTX 1060 Maxq 8 GB RAM Windows 10