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  1. I will go for that, now I'm looking for best deal on CPU and MOBO
  2. If I will go now with ryzen then next upgrade will be in like 3 years. In that time money shouldn't be a problem. But first I need to graduate
  3. And what about my H110m? I've seen a lot of negative comments about it and it was still of the best selling budget MOBOs in Poland. Same with few A320 models. A lot of people are using them without problems.
  4. I wish I was able to sell GPU quick but it will be easier to sell whole pc than only 1050, but I can't sell that PC now because I need it for some university projects and it's in use everyday
  5. Well, I've checked prices and I could go for 2600 and cheap MOBO but what with RAM. 2400MHz isn't too slow for ryzen?
  6. 4GB VRAM and it's going up to 1850MHz+ when limit is 1911MHz
  7. Selling that CPU is nearly impossible but from what I see on few different maketplaces 1050ti isn't that easy to sell
  8. I wish I could do that and i've been thinking about selling whole PC but that's not an option right now
  9. I've been thinking about this option but 1050ti isn't that popular right now so it will be hard to sell that
  10. I can but 1050ti have that weird harware limit of OC and actually it is running almost at that limit so I can't do much
  11. Well, as I said I'm able to get one, CPU or GPU. RX590 is out of my budget. I should say that I live in Poland and PC market here is weird. I've a great deal on RX580 (same price as i5 9400f) and I wish I could get both of them but I can't right now.
  12. Hi, I'm going to refresh my pc but my budget is limited and I have 2 options. But first I should tell what build I actually have: -Pentium G4560 -GTX 1050ti -8GB DDR4 @2400MHz -240GB SSD + 1TB HDD -MSI H110m PRO-VD -SilentiumPC Vero L1 500W And now my main problem: CPU or GPU upgrade (I can only do one of them right now)? I've been thinking about i5 9400f but there will be a huge bottleneck because of 1050ti. Or maybe should I stay with G4560 for now and go for GTX1650/1060/RX580. EDIT: my budget is limited and these are my options, nothing better than