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  1. I'm using the DT 990's right now while my other headphones are down but yeah no problems ever with the DT 990's.
  2. Well every few months the left ear cup has no sound, usually buying a new cable fixes the problem but it's quite annoying to keep buying a $30 cable. Is this a pretty common problem or are my headphones defective? I've gone through three cables already.
  3. Welp sounds like power supply so rip
  4. Anyone know what this sound is, drives me crazy. IMG_2055.MOV
  5. Bought it new on Amazon so I'll see, I'm not sure how good MSI warranty is, but worth a shot.
  6. Yeah bummer, 980 Ti only lasted a year and a half lol
  7. Video attached basically in games my screen flashes purple this is in multiple games, the strange thing is this only happens in games when web browsing it's normal, so I'm guessing it's a GPU problem. video (1).mov
  8. Ok these are the parts so far, the Titan XP cooler is supposed to work correct? i have a choice between the Reference or the Seahawk and may just pick up the reference since I'm watercooling anyhow. Swiftech Apogee Drive II NCASE M1 Reservoir EK-FC Titan X Pascal - Acetal/Nickel EK-FC Titan X Pascal Backplate - Black Barrow Compression Fitting - 3/8"x5/8" (10) Barrow G1/4 90d Rotary Adapter (9) Barrow G1/4 4mm M-M Adapter (3) Barrow G1/4 M Quick Disconnect Fitting (2) Barrow G1/4 F
  9. I have a Corsair 450D so if I was gonna get a new case I would probably look at a full size one. I see, so it would be better to piece it together myself?
  10. What's the downside of buying a kit, would it be more benficial to just buy all the seperate parts? I'm a noob so. By fittings do you mean this? https://www.ekwb.com/shop/hex-socket-4mm
  11. So I'm planning on getting a 1080 Ti seahawk which has a EK waterblock on it I also wanna add my CPU into a full loop. I also plan to get a 7700k and a ASUS Maximum board, would something like this work? https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-kit-p360