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  1. I just did a preliminary check and it seems to be working just like PS4 with that software. I will check with my son if the audio works as normal. I tried with just the PS4 controller and Bluetooth connected and it was't working with Fortnite.
  2. Hwy All, My son loves playing Fortnite on PS4, however I just finished a PC gaming build and I want to make the experience the same as the PS4. I was able to get things working on Steam, but Fortnite does not use steam. The first issue is that he wants to use the PS4 controller. How do I set it up the be able to use it. BTW, I have already figured out how to link via Bluetooth. The second issue is how to enable headphones on the controller. He plays with his friends and he plugs his headphones into the controller to speak with them and get sound from the game.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have, 9 x 140mm Fans 5 x 120mm Fans 2 x 360mm Distro plates 1 x 500cc Pump reservoir combo 3 x Thermaltake RGB Controllers with sata power PSU 1250w Cheers Dave
  4. Hey All, After finaly getting the build done, after a week or so the Thermaltake fans connected to Thermaltake RGB controllers are all flickering and some fans only have half the lights on. Anyone had something like this happen? Sorry, it is my first time with RGB. Cheers Dave
  5. Can any one point me to a case that, where cost is irrelevant. Cheers Dave
  6. Which is why I said, sometimes that is not the issue.
  7. I can't say that it is a MOBO failure, but I also have encountered the same issues you have on many MOBO's. I am here mainly b/c I also want to know why this happens. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  8. The thing is, this is sometimes not the issue.
  9. I can't find a way to switch from my login with Facebook to a dedicated E-mail and password for Linus Forum? How do you do this? Never-mind, I just figured it out.
  10. That is harsh. Although, I can sort of understand that it would put the OS out of wack. Glad to know that is was not just my incompetence.
  11. Oh man. I knew I should have consulted with people here before I went ahead and bought my hardware. Thanks for the links BTW.
  12. Hey All, AORUS XTREME GEN 1 ThreadRipper 3970x I woke up this morning to an error on my AORUS XTREME Mobo and it would not post. Long story short I had to take out and re-sit every RAM stick, GPU and memory to be able to get it to post again. So I had to re-install Windows again. The problem, I was looking at the BIOS ver and it was well out of date and there was quite a few hardware compatibility issues being addressed in the updates since the version I had. So I updated the BIOS from Windows, which is recommended by GigaByte. But now I can't get into Windows a
  13. Oh Really. So the standard boost is just fine? I was hoping for better numbers in CineBench etc. And the main use is Microsoft Word, I need it to open a few milliseconds faster. ? Seriously, I program and compiling can take some time, but with this thing it is over in an instant.
  14. Hey All, Is there a tutorial or some specs on how to OC the ThreadRipper 3970x? I have never done any OC'ing before and want to do it to my new system here in this link. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  15. BTW, here is the link to the Card I bought on Amazon Japan. RTX 2080 Ti SEA Hawk Ek X The Japan Yen price is 295,632 Yen, which works out to $2,700 or there abouts. Actually at today's rate it is $2,821, but I added the price conservatively.
  16. Thats b/c , I have not fully flushed the red coolant out completely. You have a good eye!!!
  17. Things are just expensive here. What stains are you talking about?
  18. Why return it when you could have it for a unit to run leaks tests!!! An expensive one at that.....
  19. Entirely possible, since I have replaced just about everything else. I have enough parts to build another 3 PC's.
  20. I was disappointed to know that the RGB fan does not work unless on overload.
  21. Mainly Excel and Word. Maybe same Solitaire.