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  1. Haha sorry English wasn't my first language! But thank you I will try that!
  2. So my Mobo caught on fire a little while back, and i accidentally left the back bracket for the Hyper 212 rgb on it, i tried on several occasions to call the best buy and see if they could hold it for me, unfortunately the best buy is a bit far away from me, and i worked all week AND they would NEVER answer their phone i spent a good hour every day on hold. So with that, where do i find a similar AM4 bracket to replace it? I dont know necessarily what to look for! thanks for the help in advance
  3. i honestly could not sleep until i knew some parts still worked, so i had to set up my old pc again
  4. UPDATE! my GPU is fine, and so is my ssd and hardrive, i have no way of knowing about the CPU since my old model only supports am3. BUT i want to say its okay?
  5. Everything else from the build is brand spanking new, and i "thought" the PSU was as well, but yeah you are absolutely right, lesson learned the hard way
  6. i was under the impression it was new but here we are.
  7. @Bitter @Mister Woof @Lorant Okay yeah i just checked the case comes with its own "nipple?" stands
  8. thats how the previous one was on... im assuming this is a big no no?
  9. yeah i am 90% that the PSU is what failed me, im no even gonna re try it, im just gonna get a new one
  10. i was just asking haha but im just panicky as well. and I will thank you for the help! it does put me a bit at ease
  11. yeah also my fault for trusting easily live and learn
  12. i will, i see that im still within the 15 days window should i attempt getting the same model?