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  1. Alright found an answer to my conundrum: the ASUS ROG Swift PG43UQ which can do full 144hz, HDR, 10-bit, 4:4:4, 4k on a DP 1.4 connection via Display Stream Compression
  2. My apologies, I meant to include 10-bit support in these calculations
  3. I have been eyeballing the LG 48 CX as a computer monitor but due to Displayport 1.4 limitations, my RTX 2080 wouldn't be able to use this display at 4k 120hz without subsampling down to 4:2:0, which would look awful on a computer display. Are there any large displays available that can do what I'm looking for with an RTX 2080, or would I absolutely need to upgrade to one of the RTX 3000 GPUs for HDMI 2.1? I have heard of a few displays out there that accept dual DP 1.4 inputs to similar things but I believe those are ultrawides if I'm not mistaken. I am trying to upgrade from a 3
  4. 2000s: Had all the time in the world to MMO and goof off online Present: Work 40-60 hours per week, eat dinner, go to sleep
  5. I got it about two years ago from someone who kept it in a basement for most of their life. After some basic dusting, it powered on right away. I haven't had to replace anything yet but have been slowly adding expansion cards, like ethernet and graphics.
  6. Kept dry and cool and dust-free, quality electronics should last decades. I have the very original PC, an IBM 5150 from 1982, that I still use multiple times per week. I use it primarily for posting on BBS boards (yes they still exist!) and IRC chat, as well as the occasional long-form distraction-free writing. It is connected to the internet and everything, going on nearly 40 years of age. Here's some pics I posted a few months ago: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/90677-show-off-your-old-and-retro-computer-parts/?do=findComment&comment=13268665 6
  7. Depends on their condition. Early-mid 90's IBM Thinkpads in great condition are starting to fetch $200-$300+ prices
  8. Looks like your standard auto-overclocking voodoo nonsense
  9. If it is clearly marked as used, then sure I don't see why not if the price is right. However if the price is similar to something new, then don't do it. Likewise, a lot of builders will list "new' gaming PCs that are put together from used parts, so make sure to read the description carefully and also ask questions. There's nothing wrong at all with used parts, but there is something wrong with listing something as NEW when it is actually USED. Basically, if they are lying to you right at the start, then don't give them your business. If the seller is honest, then do it. I buy an
  10. If you're not noticing any slow downs then you don't need to upgrade. Don't buy into all the constant hype unless you have a real need. I recently upgraded from a 4790k to a 3700x to save me a lot of time on rendering tasks I was working on and it has been a very good upgrade for that. For gaming I notice practically no difference and I game on a 144hz monitor. There is a slight advantage on the 3700x but nothing significant enough to warrant an upgrade for gaming alone. The 4790k is an excellent CPU and I have no doubt it will still be an excellent CPU five years from now
  11. Cars are rapidly approaching a point where normal people will barely be able to service them
  12. How active is BF4 on PC these days? BF2 I have the most hours in. By far my favorite however is Battlefield 1. No other game captured that cinematic war movie feel quite like BF1. The music, the cacophony of battle, the effects. Just completely overstimulating in all the right ways. It is even more wild to think about how all of that is not scripted, coming from a completely dynamic multiplayer experience.
  13. Anyone else stoked for the Cayman GT4 coming to the Michelin Pilot Challenge (and others) in iRacing this March?
  14. I'm not on floatplane, but does LTT on floatplane also use the same shitty thumbnails? I would legit rather pay LTT to not have to see that nonsense.
  15. this is hilarious I tend to buy quite a lot of refurb products but I've never seen a packaging job this bad