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  1. Thanks! I guess I don't want to not have anything on CPU fan as I'd get an error on boot.
  2. I'm just attaching my Arctic Liquid Freezer II to my MSI B550 A Pro motherboard and I don't know whether to attach the fan/pump cable to the CPU_FAN1 or PUMP_FAN1 header. Does it matter? Which one would be better? This AIO has all of the fan cables and the pump all into one connector so I can't attach the fans and pump separately. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I think on balance the freezer II will be best.
  4. I think the only thing that's drawing me more towards the be quiet one is the fact its possible to top it up after a couple of years of use. Is this possible to do with the freezer II as well?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm building my husband a workstation for Unity development and AAA game testing. CPU wise I'll be getting either a 5600x or 5900x and I am planning on getting a p500a for a case. I'm trying to decide between the following coolers, the prices at the moment are a little wacky: ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 £90.43 ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 £105.43 ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 £104.99 be quiet! Pure Loop 360 £130.43 be quiet! Pure Loop 240 £82.51 be quiet! Pure Loop 280 £90.13 I'm looking for quiet operation under constant l
  6. So I've downloaded Kingston SSD Manager, and I think this means it's ok?
  7. No, pretty sure it was new. I was only running 8gb RAM for about three months - could the page file have done that much? Or is it more likely I got a previously returned item?
  8. I have now figured that out next one will be Samsung.
  9. My SSD which I use as my boot drive has a remaining life of 0%. I've not seen it be anything else other than this - I purchased the drive about three years ago, but only installed it in January (I didn't have a suitable system to put it in before then). I'd say the first time I checked HWinfo and saw this was a couple of months ago though. It's a Kingston SSDNow UV400 240 GB. I am hoping to replace this soon but all of my computer budget recently has had to be diverted into building a second system for my husband to WFH. How long do you think it will hold out? Thanks
  10. I've just paused mine as my WU won't be finished either. GPU fan has just started to make a funny noise too!
  11. You can do it! I broke top 200 last week and I'm now sitting at 180
  12. So I stopped folding for a few hours so my son could play games last night. Bad idea! PPD way down - must remember, GPUs are only for folding not gaming!