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  1. Uhh so I received this email saying that they can't complete the order because they did not receive the payment so they are canceling the order (bank and Amazon says that payment is good) but I will be able to buy it again tomorrow with free shipping for being sorry (even if shipping was already free) . Probably is just a scam and I think they will ask me for more money (but I won't give them a cent more)
  2. https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07GR2NPM1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_8MN4GFH9CTP1DRKMKDW6 it was used but listed as Like new
  3. Hoping that the 2080S is good because for 490 € is strange
  4. i bought the 650w since is just 10€ more and in a long future i can upgrade my cpu thank you very much
  5. so i can just buy now a 650w 80+ gold like this (Corsair TX650M 80+ gold)
  6. btw i paid 490€ the 2080S 8GB (I think is a good deal)
  7. currently i have a rx 580 Nitro + 8GB, a ryzen 5 3600 , 2 stick of 8 Gb 3200 Mhz ram, 8 fans, an hdd, one ssd and a nvme m.2 ssd all powered by a 550W. Should I upgrade the psu too or is gonna be ok?
  8. We did it boys!!!!! Idk what was the problem but what I did is this: Turned on pc Turn it off Take out all the usb connectors Take out the gpu Take out the ram Swap places to the ram (i put the number 3 at number one) Took out the battery Waited some time Turn on PC with only one stick of ram and cpu Shutted down Put the battery back Put everything back Turned it on and off few times (3/4) Said some bad words And now it's working Thank you very much bro
  9. I was trying to swap my ram, reinstall it, change position but nothing happens. When I turn it on the first led on top of the ezdebug turns on but then it shuts down
  10. It got me too. Everything working and those red leads where shining
  11. I think those are the ambient light you can control them in the dragon center by msi
  12. Hello, so today I was streaming csgo and internet stopped working so I stopped playing and after a bit I shuttled down windows and everything was OK. When I came home after going to a job interview I turn on the pc to check the modem setting but nothing happens. My fans and leads are lit and working but I don't get any power to my peripherals (mouse and keyboard) and the monitor says "no connection". I tried to shut it down and then press the 0 on the CPU (switch) but nothing happens. I tried disconnecting all peripherals and the gpu (rx580) but nothing happens, my mobo (b450 mortar titanium b