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  1. it's not just to power a XDR i hate apple anyways and probably will get some Proarts from asus to complete the full theme but as an editing productivity machine having thunderbolt3 will be handy in so much situtation PS: didn't know about the usb C in the back of the T rtx
  2. 64 is enough for the things i need,, but the 3990x doesn't give any overhead for more ram nor better performance in either gaming or editing!! only of it's heavy VFX which isn't something i consider doin
  3. This Build is just an idea but let me decompose it: ***CLICK HERE FOR : PC part picker Page *** ----Specs:---- -it has the AMD TR 3970x (32c @ 3.7Ghz) Inside the socket of an "Asus Zenith II Extreme" MoBo Paired with 256 GB of ram (DDR4-3200) and TWO Titan RTX (24GB) All cooled with a Corsair HyperX water-cooling (2* 480 Rads in the front, 1*420 rad in the top & 2* LL120 exhaust fans (all fans are LL *** RGB from Corsair)) Inside the Beautiful Corsair 1000D ----Storage:---- 1* Intel Optane 905P (1.5TB) for the system, Apps & Games &a