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  1. Done that many times before, sometimes it has corrected some files but still getting bsod's.
  2. Hello, the ones who read this. I have had blue screens on my computer almost since I built it in early 2020, somewhere in February, I just haven't had the motivation to really fix it. During December 2020, my computer got a weird problem that my internet controller wouldn't work if I didn't do a restart after booting, if the computer hadn't gotten a bsod. The message I got then was the one that often has to do with drivers not being up to date (can't remember the name atm). I later found this out and I updated all the drivers. It turned out it was the network driver being old. I on
  3. Introduction Hello, I have a computer that I've updated the bios on. It is a MSI B450M Mortar Max, a Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb ram and a zotac 1050 mini. Explaining the problem and what I did It has worked flawlessly ever since I built it in the beginning of the year. But after a bios update it would not post. I updated the bios using m-flash and it loaded properly and it seemed everything was fine. But when the loading bar had finished and the system restarted, it just sat there with fans going on full rpm, and I left it like that because I thought it was normal (it was the first time
  4. Hi, I am planning to upgrade my computer from a oem motherboard with a Core I5 7400 to a Ryzen 5 3600 and MSI B450M Mortar Max motherboard. My question is, if it is better to reinstall my OS or if I can stick with my existing one.