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  1. I completely agree, 90% of the C++ alternatives are safer, and switching between types is a pain. void see_safe() { //When input is 123456789 char buff[9]; scanf("%8s", buff); //Buffer overflow's can't exist }
  2. I did use C++, I should have made that clear so the OP wasn't confused. and using <cstdio> is perfectly valid, its still technically a part of C++. You should post a code snip-it for comparison, adding relevant content will benefit everyone.
  3. Spoiler



    When your hands are just to damn small.....

  4. #include <random> #include <fstream> #define SIZE /*1kb*/ 1024 //size of rnd file #define O_F_NAME "out.bin" //output file name int main() { printf("Here's a tissue\n"); size_t _meow = 0; char *rnd = new char[SIZE] {0x00}; std::random_device rd; std::mt19937 generator(rd()); std::uniform_int_distribution<char> distribution(0,255); while(_meow < SIZE) rnd[_meow++] = distribution(generator); std::ofstream output(O_F_NAME, std::ofstream::binary | std::ofstream::trunc); if(output.is_open()) output.write(rnd, SIZE); else printf("fail\n
  5. Info dump: More information would be appreciated. "Basically its got a configuration loaded", how? was it working in the past, if so, what changed. Is it a new board?
  6. Ebay, That's where I get all my chem's. Just don't wind up on a watch list. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Copper-Sulfate-Pentahydrate-Crystals-99-Pure-5-lbs-Bag/132132964114?hash=item1ec3bd0712:g:~xoAAOSwjDZYYq65 https://chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/60590/what-is-the-difference-between-copper-sulfate-and-copper-sulfate-pentahydrate
  7. yeah, no worries, glad ya got it working.
  8. Just pay super close attention to this clip https://youtu.be/v7A_fFHfN_c?t=60 notice, when the rest button is pressed, the devices com port changes from 36 to 37. The run time com port is 36, the bootloader com port is 37. You need the bootloader com port to be active when uploading.
  9. I don't know what else to try, sorry I couldn't help ya out.