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  1. Thanks! I'm from Italy. As budget i'll say max $1500/€1500. In terms of weight the laptops i own are around 2.7-3kg which is fine..less is better of course.
  2. Hi Guys! First time posting here. I was hoping to receive some suggestions on a possible deal i was looking forward to conclude in the next few days. I'm currently using an Asus N580VD FI038T which features an i7-7700HQ, screen up to 4K res., Gtx1050 4gb, 16gb Ram, 512 Ssd and 1tb Sata. Since i wanted some extra boost while doing my music production & design stuff i bought a Mi Gaming Notebook (i7-7700, 16gb Ram, 256gb SSD, 1tb SATA, and a Gtx1060 6gb) for about $800 while on offer. Basically this one: https://it.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_1698596.html I've barely set