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  1. Its just a keyboard genius i think, nono not with the combinations, just when i press left key it does not do anything, nor does the up key do anything, they just dont do anything when i press them, if i press them both 2x nothing
  2. I checked everything, i unplugged it and switched to another port still nothing, keyboard is brand new working fine, but this thing bothers me. also im not on a laptop btw.
  3. No dude ;D I5-3470 8GB DDR3 RAM GTX 650 TI BOOST, yes it is a an overkill i know but i plan on upgrading and i literally have no option my psu is very loud i had it for like 6+ years and it has some static noises it is only a matter of time if its gonna blow up with the rest of the things..
  4. Hello!, I want to buy a power supply but i have quite a few options here. XILENCE XN053 | XP600R7 600W , VER 2.31, CE , P.PFC Deep Cool|DE600 | 600W Zalman ZM500-XEII (500W) 83+, 230-240V Could you tell me which one is the best here? all of them cost the same, i have only these 3 options, I live in a poor country so i cannot buy from amazon,newegg,ebay.
  5. and my cpu is better than that guys.
  6. Ok i will buy it then. thanks for ur info
  7. Yeah but i gotta buy it i will not have any more upgrade options as i said i cant go further than 10 dollars and i think gt 710 for 10 dollars is amazing.
  8. Bro idk but it runs somehow on integrated graphics i totally dont have a GPU in my pc, i cant use GPU-Z im not on my PC rn sorry. but im asking should i buy it or not.
  9. Power usage for GT 710 2GB is 19W.
  10. Also the power supply is offbrand ~350 watts.
  11. Also dont say anything about saving money please , i cant get more than 10 dollars im a kid so yeah.