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  1. I'm going to consider Xeons, I'll just research about them some more, since I'm not that familiar with them.
  2. An AeroCool Strike-X 80+ Bronze. It's a 650W, I think.
  3. Might as well. I'll just reuse my case, PSU, and storage.
  4. Is a Z68 chipset an overclocking board? I'm looking to push my CPU to around 4-5 GHz to keep up with modern systems. Xeons are harder to find where I am. ??????
  5. Thanks! I've seen listings near me of a 2600K/2700K for about 100$ and a 3770K a bit more. I'm still a student so a new build isn't really an option for me. I'm just planning to get a CPU, some cheapo RAM, and a modern GPU and HDD so that if I do get to build a new system, I can reuse the GPU and HDD.
  6. I have an old, but pristine, Acer Travelmate 2502LC with a Pentium 4 @ 3.0GHz that still works (still charges, boots to Win XP SP3, HDD works). I was wondering what is the max amount of RAM that I can put in this bad boy? As of now, there is only 256 MB in one slot but I know for a fact that it has 3 slots, 2 in one compartment, and another one in a different compartment with the modem. Archives say that the max is 2GB, but I want to know if anyone has attemped more than that. I'm just a student so I don't have that much money to spend to experiment on it. Many thanks!
  7. Hello everyone! I've been here a while, but only now did I want to ask a question. I have a PC with an i5 2400 and I was wondering if it is worth it to find a 3770K (Most powerful LGA1155 CPU) or a 2600K/2700K (Most powerful Sandy Bridge CPU) so that I can revive my build? I've been planning it for a while but I'm having trouble finding second opinions. Many thanks!